The XFX 6600 512MB sports a non-reference PCB that’s pretty
different from its 256MB variant that we reviewed a while back. The heatsink
is significantly different from previous 6600 cards from XFX; the one used for
this 512MB variant is pretty beefy for a 6600 vanilla, which explains why the
core clock is at 450Mhz, which is only 50Mhz short of a 6600GT.

A closer look at the heatsink, with XFX’s trademark atom symbol as its fan

Instead of using normal pushpins to secure the heatsink onto
the card, XFX chose to use screws instead. Shown here is the pretty backplate
used on the underside of the card to secure the heatsink.

We were surprised that XFX chose to use a 3nS BGA DDR-II memory
from Elixir for this card. The memory is only clocked at 280mhz (560mhz DDR),
which means that it’s about 53Mhz short of what the 3nS RAMs are rated at. As
usual, we’ll take a look at the overclockability of this modules later in the

A look at the 6600 core. This is manufactured in Korea, on
the 46th week of 2005.

The accessories included are pretty minimal, just a DVI Converter,
a TV out cable, your Installation CD and Manual.