Futuremark’s 3DMark family of synthetic benchmarks tests various
gaming aspects of these graphics cards, particularly on Direct X capabilities.
With all DirectX 8.1 (2001SE), DirectX 9.0 (03) and DirectX 9.0C (05) being
tested in this suite of tests, 3DMark is remains as the most highly regarded
3D benchmark till date. The 6600s predominantly led over the X1300 Pro in all
the tests. The 6600 512MB lost out betwene 5~8% in the tests due to the low
memory clocks.

Crytek’s Far Cry is predominantly a DirectX 9.0 based game, that revolves around
beautiful lush forest greeneries as it’s primary in game environment. Once again,
The 512MB card lost out significantly again due to the low memory clock.