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XFX Geforce 7800GT Review!

XFX is perhaps the only brand which bothers to include a metal strip to prevent
the card from warping due to the heavyweight heatsink. The heatsink found on
the XFX 7800GT is similar to cards from other brands, as all of the cards currently
available in the market are of Nvidia’s reference design.

The driver CD and game CDs included. From the right: Moto GP2, X2 The Threat & Farcry.

The accessories; HDTV/VIVO Connector, S-Video In cable, S-Video Out cable, Manual and 2x DVI Converter

The core… notice the week of production? Week 19 Year 05, that’s earlier
than any 7800GTX that I have saw till date.

A comparison between the 7800GTX and 7800GT. The 7800GT is slightly shorter,
less MOSFETs, significantly more capacitors on the PCB and a missing MOSFET
heatsink. the RAM ICs of the 7800GT are all located on the front side of the
card, as compared to the staggered arrangement on the 7800GTX. The 7800GT also
sports a different heatsink from the GTX, built with a copper core but slightly
smaller. We will take a look at the heatsink in detail later in the article.

A closer look at the PCBs.

The blower fan

The 7800GT comes with a copper core heatsink.

The blower fan’s ratings

The outputs. From the right: VIVO/HDTV Connectors via Dongle, (pictured below) and the Dual DVI ports.

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