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XFX GeForce 7800GT Special Edition Preview

This is how the card looks like when powered on in our test
bed. The fan and the XFX emblem emits a rather faint but cool yellow light.

This is a close up of the fan with the lights off.

This is how the XFX emblem on the anti-warp bar looks like
when lighted up at night. It’s a pretty cool sight and great for people wanting to
show off their new XFX card. Great for case modders and LAN Party goers!

The packaged bundle together with this card, is similar to the
one we saw in our previous XFX GeForce 7800GT we’ve reviewed a while ago. The
packaged bundle items are packed in a lime green box, stuffed right behind the
card in the “X” box. For more details on the standard version of XFX’s 7800GT,
please take a look at our previous review

The bundled items are all in this rather slim lime green box.

The packaged items include: 2x DVI to VGA converter, S-Video
In cable, S-Video out cable, 4pin Molex to 6pin PCIe Power connector, VIVO

Games titles include: Far Cry, X2 – The Threat, and Moto GP. Of course, the standard Driver disc.

Yes, this card is available right now in US and Singapore.

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