Chinese company Xiaomi is reportedly preparing their M1 smartphone for an update with Google Android 4.0.1 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system. Initial reports claim that the phone runs well with the new software, while a video shows some exciting interface enhancements are in the works. 

Chinese company Xiaomi has been tinkering with their recently launched M1 smartphone and has produced images and a video of the phone running on Google Android 4.0.1 Ice Cream Sandwich mobile software.

Initial reports claim that the phone runs very well with Google’s latest operating system (OS), and would be due to be released very soon. It is also apparent from the video that most of the user interactions are smooth, with advancements in the rendering of cascading gallery animations in the home screen and a more elaborated widget resizing animation. It will also include MIUI V4 user interface, an Android launcher layout created by a Chinese developer. If the upgrade arrives soon enough, Xiaomi M1 may become the first smartphone in China to be powered by Google Android Ice Cream Sandwich, and quite possibly the second in the world, just after Samsung Galaxy Nexus.



Source: Giz-China


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