Xigmatek’s Asgard and Asgard II mid-tower chassis have undergone a refresh and are now available with X – shaped windowed side panels. The Xigmatek Asgard / Asgard II with side windows can now be purchased from Caseking.de for 39.90 Euros / 41.90 Euros respectively. Existing owners of Asgard or Asgard II can also buy the side panel separately at a cost of 12.90 Euros.


The popular Xigmatek Asgard and Asgard II enclosures, with their classic , discreet design and exquisitely understated looks, along with a long list of useful features which have proven themselves in the market, are now available with windowed side panels. Each of the successful Asgard and Asgard II versions are now available with the x-shaped windows pre-installed.

Both the Asgard and the entire Asgard II range of enclosures continue to be very popular. The combination of useful features, elegant looks and attractive price remain unattained in the case market. Xigmatek has responded the steady demand of these enclosures and will now be offering the Asgard and all three versions of the Asgard II with a modified side panel featuring their signature x-shaped window. For those who want to upgrade their normal Asgard or Asgard II, this side panel will be available for purchase separately.

The Xigmatek Asgard with the side window is available immediately on Caseking.de for 39.90 Euros , while the Asgard II with the pre-installed side window are also in stock with immediately availability for 41.90 Euros. The separate, windowed side panel can be had on Caseking as a separate accessory for existing enclosures for 12.90 Euros.