The Elysium is supplied inside a very large, blue themed cardboard box. There are a lot of pictures of the case itself on the box but most of the artwork revolves around the graphic representation of the mythical city of Elysium, from which this case is named after. There are a lot of details concerning the Elysium’s features and specifications to be found all around the box. Inside the box we found the massive case protected by two large polystyrene foam slabs and wrapped in a tough nylon bag.

Most people will find the bundle of the Elysium relatively disappointing, considering the class of the case itself. Inside the package you will find only the necessary screws, all of which are black, a basic black and white manual, a few white cable ties and four optional wheels which we wholeheartedly recommend them to be installed. A few cable straps or at least black cable ties would have been very useful.