Xinhua, which is China’s official news agency, recently blasted the United States over the recent leaks that revealed how the U.S.  was hacking directly into China’s Universities while simultaneously accusing China of hacking into the U.S.

These most recent leaks from Edward Snowden published by the South China Morning Post demonstrated how the NSA hacked directly into China’s esteemed Tsinghua University. Tsinghua last breach by the NSA was in January of this year with as many as 63 computers being compromised as well as the servers housed on the University grounds.

Xinhua’s commentary on the hacking incidents called the U.S. the “biggest villain in our age”, and a hypocrite for portraying themselves as a victim to Chinese hackers breaking into data centers and corporate servers when they were doing it all along and on a massive scale.

Snowden’s most recent leak claims that the U.S. was engaging in detailed and extensive intelligence gathering in China and that Beijing University was targeted along with Hong Kong University for metadata originating out of China.

“They demonstrate that the United States, which has long been trying to play innocent as a victim of cyber-attacks, has turned out to be the biggest villain in our age,” the Xinhua news agency writes in part. “It owes too an explanation to China and other countries it has allegedly spied on.”

Xinhua heavily criticized the tactics used by the U.S., but the commentary also offered a rather cordial opinion suggesting the leaders of the two nations, along with other nations affected, should sit down and work out the issues.

“Both the United States and China, together with many other countries, are victims of hacking. For the uncharted waters of the Internet age, these countries should sit down and talk through their suspicions,” Xinhua writes. “With good intentions, they can even work for the establishment of certain rules that help define and regulate Internet activities…”

Since leaving Hong Kong, Snowden’s whereabouts are only speculative, but the South China Morning Post reported that he was on his way to Caracas, Venezuela by way of Moscow, Russia.  However, Ricardo Aroca who serves as the Minister of Foreign Affairs in Ecuador just announced on his Twitter feed that his country had officially welcomed Snowden’s asylum into the country.