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Xolo exec confirms Windows Phone 8.1 work, says first device will land in India ‘next quarter’

It wasn’t long ago that pundits and analysts predicted Windows Phone’s imminent demise, but it now looks like the platform may rise from the ashes and get unexpected support from up-and-coming Asian-based hardware manufacturers.


Micromax confirmed plans for WP-based devices last summer, and Xolo is joining the party, with a similar albeit much more specific announcement. According to Vikas Sehgal, one of the company’s co-founders and directors, “we are likely to launch the first Xolo Windows Phone by early next quarter, which will make us the first Indian smartphone maker to launch Windows Phone in India”.

Hold on, by “early next quarter”, could he mean January 2014? Not likely. Instead, Sehgal probably meant early Q2 2014, so April or May at the latest. Also a little confusing is how he can be so sure Xolo will foreshadow Micromax in the WP niche, though he may have some kind of inside information that’s yet to leak out to the press.

Regardless of who’s going to be the local pioneer, Microsoft is definitely looking at a major sales boost, especially as Xolo intends to have its Windows Phones compete with Androids on pricing. Mind you, that’s sales, not necessarily profits, as the licensing costs might need to drop.


So “Xolo Windows Phone smartphones will be priced in the $150 – $300 range”. But what exactly will they offer for the dough? Hard to guess so early, though the running of Microsoft’s next OS version, WP 8.1, is virtually set in stone.

What about Windows tablets? Well, Sehgal wasn’t quite so open to discussions on that, however The Economic Times suggest such Xolo slates are definitely in the cards. The “when” of the equation remains a big mystery, so ultimately, we seem to have much more questions than answers today.

Still, the future undoubtedly looks bright (-er) for Windows mobile gizmos… as long as MS is willling to settle for slimmer margins.

Source: The Economic Times

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