A conventional fan instead of a cross blower (as used in the reference thermal solution) means more peace for your ears. An aluminium heatspreader offers cooling for the memory chips.

Not only does the 8800GT Sonic have 3 phase power regulation for the GPU, the inductors are bigger too. More clean current must be better!

The one and only generic electrolytic capacitor! We found this lone ranger cleaning up the 12V supply where other manufacturers would have left a blank spot. Japanese Sanyo OSCONs are used throughout alongside ceramic noise snubbers.

Yup! It still has a heart of G92 silicon…

…ditto for Qimonda 1.0ns memory chips.

Instead of the usual Primarion power controller, a RichTek RT8802A is used.

Dual DVI ports look striking in purple, a recognizable trademark for XpertVision. They appear to be carving out a bunch of traits just like Palit did with their purple Daytonas. This card will also provide HDMI output via an included adapter.

Tomb Raider Anniversary edition is also included in the box!