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XpertVision 8800GT Sonic w/ Thermalright HR-03GT


The de-facto DX10 benchmark needs no introduction. Crysis’s internal GPU benchmark (via batch file) combines dense foliage with GA-killers like water reflection, smog and clouds. We ran the benchmark at 1440 X 900 with 2X AA to give the G92 some calculative pressure.

Apparent was the inability of both graphics accelerators within the generation to handle the rendering even at a resolution many consider as “standard” today. A hairline’s lead of the Sparkle could be attributed to it’s higher GPU/Shader clocks.

Quake 4

Our favourite multiplayer in it’s OpenGL 2.0 guise may be old, but throwing in some AA makes Quake 4 a great gauge. It scales positively with GPU improvments without creating a CPU bottlneck. 1600 X 1200 with 4X AA is the order of the day.

At higher resolutions, video buffer size and speed becomes of paramount importance. Even though 4xAA was thrown in to shift limitations onto the GPU, the XpertVision with it’s higher memory clocks took the lead.

Unreal Tournament 3

Another DX10 monster, Unreal Tournament’s latest installment gives the ultimatum with its surrealistic lighting effects. Few graphics accelerators can survive the extremes that the Unreal Engine puts it through. A walk through Shangri-La formed the basis of this test.

At higher resolutions like this one, the Sonic gains an unfair advantage with a higher memory clock. The improvement is marginal, whilst framerates would suggest users not to advance too far into High Detail territory, particularly for this fast paced game.

World In Conflict

The prettiest RTS game to date, period. Massive’s effort in the engine shows up in the graphical details. We ran it on our Dell at native resolution and it was a sight to behold. Till the next big thing.

Little difference is seen here, just like the rest of the gaming benchmarks. Current overclocked 8800GT cards should all perform relatively well within the limits of the given 112SP.

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