The memory modules come stock cooled with aluminum heatsinks. The heatsinks
are attached onto the RAMS using thermal adhesive.


We took off the RAM sinks to check out the memory modules beneath. Samsung
1.4Ns RAMS we see here…


Dual Display on DVI and VGA… with S-Video/TV output


We took off the cooler to take a closer look at the R530 core.

A really small die we see there. Even the word Pro
is etched. This particular core is manufactured on week 46 of 2005, a rather
recent one.The 90nm process really does help a great deal in reducing heat output.
Even though XpertVision put in the third party Zalman heatsink fan that takes
up a bit over 1 slot (in other words dual slot), this is by no means indicative
of a hot-running card. It runs really cool and even after a long time of running
games and benchmarks, it still remains rather cool on all parts of the card.
In fact at the performance it delivers, I cannot think of another card that
runs cooler. And of course this implies a low power consumption. So those looking
for cool-running and low power consuming systems, this card is definitely worth
a look.