Yahoo and Facebook, locked into a patent lawsuit with each other, have been granted a two-week extension by a federal judge in order to discuss settlement possibilities.

Yahoo and Facebook are seeking an extension from the courts in order to continue working on a settlement. They believe the settlement talks in their high-profile patent lawsuit would be helped if the judge would delay certain deadlines, according to a filing on Tuesday. Earlier in the year, Yahoo sued Facebook over 10 of its patents, claiming that the social networking giant was guilty of infringement. Specifically, Yahoo is most concerned with a patent that covers specific online advertising technology, calling Facebook, “one of the worst performing sites for advertising” prior to their adaptation of Yahoo’s ideas. This was quickly followed by a countersuit from Facebook, in which they criticized Yahoo for being short-sighted in their prioritization of “litigation over innovation.”

Yahoo began the lawsuit while Scott Thompson was the CEO of the company, but shortly after starting the case Thompson was ousted from the company over concerns about his resume. On Tuesday, Yahoo’s attorney Kevin Smith asked a federal judge in San Francisco to push back various deadlines for two weeks, without objection or opposition from Facebook. He wrote that the extension would “facilitate settlement.” Representatives from the two companies have declined to comment.

The case is being tried in US District Court, in the Northern District of California.

Earlier today, US District Judge Jeffrey White approved the delay request.