The era of may be coming to a close as Yahoo begins offering users abandoned accounts for $1.99.

Yahoo wait list

After 20 years, the land is starting to get full. As with any popular free email service all the “good” names have been long taken after the first few years, so users must be content with a whole range of numbers or characters added to their handle.

Yahoo has a solution to aid the woes of john_doe54221: it’s planning on recycling abandoned accounts.

For $1.99 users can under their top five choices onto a watchlist. If Yahoo finds an abandoned account — meaning nobody has logged in for at least a year — within the three year waiting period, Yahoo will transfer ownership over to the new user. Yahoo says it has developed tools to ensure that email from the accounts previous life doesn’t reach its successor, to quell privacy concerns from users.

In a Tumblr post Dylan Casey, Yahoo’s senior director of platforms, said the most commonly requested names are “David,” “Jennifer,” “Batman,” and “Superman,” so there’s no telling if the Davids and Jennifers of the world will be patient enough to sick around until a username is available or if they will jump to a less used email provider like Outlook.

Source: Yahoo

Via: The Verge


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