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Yahoo! launches new Yahoo! Clues search service

How does the idea of being able to "instantly discover what’s popular to a select group of searchers – by age or gender – over the past day, week or even over the past year", or to have "controls at your fingertips that let you slice and dice Yahoo! searchers by criteria such as gender, age group and regional interest, or gain deep insights from comparing search terms" sound like? Well, those are the kind of needs which Yahoo! appears to be extremely keen on solving with the launch of its new Yahoo! Clues online search service.

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Most online search engines are fully capable of delivering broad but relevant results for any search string at the click of a single mouse button, but there will always be trend-watchers who would like to have the ability to narrow down their search results in order to have abtter idea of just what is currently popular among users of differing age groups, genders, or even regions? And these are the kind of users Yahoo! is clearly aiming to please with the introduction of its new Yahoo! Clues service, which the company claims is reportedly capable of offering "fun and engaging ways to explore what users are searching for on Yahoo!while offering a 'behind the scenes' look into popular search trends".

According to the company, the latest version of Yahoo! Clues now sport various new features, chief of which is the introduction of "Top Trends, which is Yahoo! claims allows for "endless exploration of the most popular search terms on Yahoo! Search". The company goes on to explain how users can make use of filter selections to "choose a combination of time range, gender, age group and geographic location, and even search term category" to have Top Trends deliver the results they are seeking, as shown in the example below.

In addition to "Top Trends" Yahoo! has also announced the availability of a variety of other enhancements that has been added to Yahoo! Clues, with some examples being:

  • New site design – Clues now includes a home page with navigation to the Top Trends and Trend Analysis features.
  • More data – History from one month to over 12 months, and covering over three times as many search terms as the previous release.
  • Global coverage – All English-language searches globally are available.
  • New map – Trend Analysis includes a brand new map that puts the data at the center of the experience with beautiful neat map visualizations.

That being said, Yahoo! Clues is still currently in beta, although adventurous users can give the service a spin over at http://clues.yahoo.com/


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