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Yahoo releases cross-device ‘Axis’ browser

Yahoo has launched a mobile application and desktop plugin called 'Axis', the company's attempt at a web browser.

Yahoo has launched a mobile application and desktop plugin called 'Axis', the company's attempt at a web browser.

Anybody who knows about search engines will have to admit something: the big players are Google and Google. Besides Google, Bing and Yahoo are surely the biggest players – but big, in this case, is an extremely relative term. While Google controls around 64% of the search market, Bing controls about 14%, and Yahoo 16%.  Unlike web browsers, which see a fairly close knit match between the bigger players, the search market is sincerely dominated by Google.

But Yahoo just took a step which might turn their fortune, if only a little bit. Today, Yahoo released a mobile browser application for iOS devices called 'Axis'. An Android version is still in the works, and hasn't been released yet. In addition, Yahoo released a plugin for the popular desktop browsers.

On all versions of the browser, a feature similar to Google instant search suggests queries as the user types, displaying a panel of visual results. Websites can be selected, and the website results can be scrolled through, backwards and forwards.

Another much advertised feature of Axis is that it syncs with devices of the same account, remembering your homepage and search history. This gives the ability of seamless browsing across platforms, similar to what Google recently did with their Chrome browser.

The browser also allows users to bookmark searches, and integrate their browser with Pinterest.

It seems that the yahoo higher-ups had some sense in making the desktop browser into a plugin. Individuals get cozy with a browser, and aren't too eager to change, especially if it’s made by the likes of an internet underdog like Yahoo. But the Axis browser for Windows exists in the form of a plugin which, when installed, floats discreetly on the bottom left corner of the screen.

This means that users can browse in Axis without even leaving their favorite web browser. It also makes installation a snap.

Yahoo has quite a few warm things to say about their new browser, going so far as to say that it "redefines what it means to search and browse the Web". But maybe, for once, a company is actually doing a bit more than superficial jaw. CNET’s Rafe Needleman remarked of the program, “On the iPad, Axis is simply a great browser. The integrated search feature is intuitive, and being able to move through search results without having to go back to search makes sense. After only a few minutes using it I thought, Why hasn't Google done this yet? It's that good.”

Axis is available for download at Yahoo's Axis website.

Source: CNN

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