Google Street View

Not everyone are unable to travel long hours to South America and have the opportunity to experience the beauty of the Amazon forest and river. Well, what if you can view it at the comfort of your home and workplace? In conjunection with World Forest Day, Google has provided the Street View of the Amazon Basin.

The Google Street View and Google Earth team have gone all the way to the Amazon Basin to collect ground-level images of the rivers, forests and communities in the Rio Negro Reserve. On World Forest Day, the search engine giant have made these images available via Google Street View feature. According to Google, more than 50,000 still photos were stitched together to create the 360-degree panoramic views. Well, you can now take a virtual boat ride, stroll along paths, take a forest trail hike, or visit other communities, all on your PC. Check out the Amazon Forest, Rio Negro, and the Street View gallery.