Earlier today Google launched a revamped YouTube app for Android. They’ve also released a new update for iOS. The YouTube 2.0 for iOS app brings a couple of new features and much needed improvements.


The update brings version number up to 2.0. Apart from the features mentioned before, the app comes with a handful of stability improvements and bug fixes. The picture-in-picture multitasking feature lets users continue watching a video while they search their feeds for the next video to watch. The feature works in a manner similar to picture-in-picture. Users simply need to swipe down when a video is playing to activate the feature, it works in both portrait and landscape orientation.

A number of user interface changes have been made as well. The update brings card-like interaction to this app, its actually quite similar to what we see in the company’s Google Now apps. Cards can be closed by either swiping left or right. The update also brings the ability to search playlists. It adds the “Play All” button which automatically makes the app go through an entire collection of videos. Users no longer have to manually skip videos.

YouTube 2.0 for iOS can only be installed on those Apple mobile devices that are running iOS 6 firmware or higher. Download the latest YouTube app right now from iTunes App Store.