Google began rolling out a redesigned version of YouTube today. The new update allows users to minimize the video screen while searching for other content and also features a cards-like interface.

YouTube 5.0

The new version of YouTube is currently rolling out to Android devices, and users on iOS should get the update soon. The card-based interface lets the user minimize the current video they’re watching to the lower right-hand side of the device, by dragging down with one finger. The user can then browse for any channels or other videos. The dragging down to minimize a video gesture currently works only in portrait mode on mobiles, but it does work in both orientations on tablets.

The inclusion of playlists means that you can now search for playlists and queue videos so that you can watch them one after the other. The card-based interface has been tweaked to work better with tablets and also features a new icon.

Another highlight is the ingrained integration with Chromecast. Users will now be able to see a preview screen on their devices while the video is playing on Chromecast, or any other Smart TV. Android device should get the update anytime starting today, but if you’re itching to try out the new features, the folks over at Android Police have a few download links for the APK. Get it from here.