Google today released a brand new update of its YouTube app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The update brings a couple of new features, which include closed captions for live streams and video suggestion overlays. 


Google released its standalone app for iOS when it was announced late last year that iOS 6 will not come with a native YouTube app. Previous iOS versions had a native app, but it was often criticised by users because it lacked some basic features and also did not provide a good user experience. Since then Google released a standalone app which has been very well received, and given that its regularly updated, users get an unparalleled experience.

This particular YouTube for iOS update brings a host of stability improvements as well, including a fix for app crashes. Apart from closed captions for live streams, the update will overlay video suggestions on a video that’s already been streamed. The suggestions will be relevant to the user’s initial query, making it easier for them to decide what to watch next.

Download the updated Youtube for iOS now from iTunes App Store.


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