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Youtube increases video upload limit to 15 minutes

If you are the kind of person who uploads long videos (with added emphasis on the world ‘long’), to Youtube, this announcement from the online video portal may be of interest to you. Effective immediately, all users are now allowed to upload clips of up to 15 minutes on a free account.

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Generally, the rule of thumb in making short videos (be it for personal viewing or for an audience)is that you want to keep it as short and to the point as possible, to avoid boring your viewers to tears. But sometimes, despite all efforts, the ‘shortest’ time needed to keep a clip short and sweet might extend beyond the single-digit durations.

And when it comes to uploading such videos to Youtube, the only way to do so is to chop it into two shorter vids, simple because the online video sharing site does not allow non-partners to post any clip longer than 10 minutes. Needless to say, this did not go down very well with members: after all, it is always better to watch an uninterrupted episode of K-ON! (or some other show) without having to load three different Youtube links.

Fortunately, it seems that Youtube had heard the complaints, and moved to act on them: starting today, all free members will have the maximum duration increased to 15 minutes instead of 10. And in the official Youtube blog, Product Manager Joshua Siegel claimed that such a move was possible only because of the resources pooled into the site by its partner members.

“We’ve spent significant resources on creating and improving our state-of-the-art Content ID system and many other powerful tools for copyright owners. Now, all of the major U.S. movie studios, music labels and over 1,000 other global partners use Content ID to manage their content on YouTube,” he wrote. “Because of the success of these ongoing technological efforts, we are able to increase the upload limit today. We will continue our strong commitment to provide advanced technology and tools to protect the rights of small and large copyright owners worldwide. We’ll also do everything we can to release incremental improvements like this one that benefit our video creators.”

What does this mean for everyone? Well, simply put, uploaders will now be able to upload (slightly) longer videos instead of chopping them into much shorter version. As for viewers like us, it just means that we get to watch our 30-minute anime or sitcoms with just two Youtube links instead of three. Yep, everybody wins.

Source: Youtube blog

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