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Zalman Reserator 2 Review

A very comprehensive manual is provided by Zalman, easy to understand for anyone,
even if you do not read the English or Korean language thanks to the crisp
simple but clear pictorial walkthrough.

The blue-tinted anti-corrosion coolant supplied. This is to be
mixed with distilled water when filling the whole loop, at a 1:4 ratio, with
more distilled water of course.

The towering Reserator 2 itself… no fans as promised:
44cm long, 37cm tall and 7.5cm thick

Snaking out from the Reserator 2, you have a AC power
connector that powers the submersible pump within the Reserator. There is a 12v
DC power Molex connector that powers the LED light and also starts the pump up
when current passes through. This is to be connected to your PC power supply so
that the pump will run once the PC is switched on.

Located at the bottom on the Reserator 2 is the In/Out Quick
connects where water flows… well, in and out of course.

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