Zalman has released the VF3000F, its new GPU cooler for nVidia’s GTX 400 series of graphic cards. Measuring 239 x 98 x 51mm and weighing 430g, the cooler features a copper base, five copper heatpipes, dedicated RAM/ FET heatsinks, and is equipped with two 92mm LED fans that work at 1400 RPM to 3000 RPM. The VF3000F, bundled with ZM-STG2 thermal compound and Fan Mate 2, can be purchased from major retailers and e-tailers at a MSRP of 40 Euro.

Press Release

Zalman released the VF3000F for the end users who wants to cool their latest VGA card from nVidia. The company’s first Dual Fan VGA cooler promises you for the maximum performance with less noise. On top, VF3000F is specially designed for the Fermi Series from nVidia (GTX480/470/465) and comes with the dedicated RAM/FET Heatsinks to maximize the cooling performance on the GPU as well as FET/RAM with lower noise. ZM-STG2 will help the heat transfer from the heat source to the heatsink for efficient cooling.

Fanmate 2 will enable variable fan speed so users can choose either silent operation or performance setting. Please note that VF3000F comes in 2 different models: a model for GTX 480 and one for GTX 470 and GTX 465 graphics cards.


  • Powerful Cooling Performance with Zalman’s First Dual Fan Solution
  • Dedicated RAM/ FET Heatsink
  • Ultra Quiet Design with Special Fin design
  • Excellent Peripheral Component Cooling
  • High Performance Super Thermal Grease ZM-STG2
  • Fan Speed Control with Fan Mate2