The next Fallout game or DLC might feature “Nuka Cola” in its name.

Nuka Cola

Bethesda Softworks’ parent organization Zenimax Media has filed for three trademarks with the United States Patent and Trademark Office for the “Nuka Cola” phrase. Nuka-Cola is a fictional beverage that is referenced in the Fallout games. Of the three trademarks Zenimax Media has filed for the term, two are related to games and a third for branded clothing items.

In Fallout, Nuka-Cola is the favourite beverage of the post-nuclear world. There have been many variations of the beverage that include Nuka-Cola Quantum (a version of Nuka-Cola with a mild radioactive strontium isotope), Cherry Nuka-Cola (a flavor that no one likes) and Fusion Cola (obtained by mixing Nuka-Cola dregs into a concentrated essence).

It isn’t clear as to what Zenimax Media plans to do with the “Nuka Cola” name, but the trademark was filed with an “intent to use” if the trademark was granted. It is feasible that the name will tie into a Fallout sequel that Bethesda has planned. Bethesda has been quite about a next version of Fallout, and while there were rumors last year of a new Fallout game, with an entire website dedicated to it called TheSurvivor2299, it turned out to be a hoax. There were rumors that the game would be officially unveiled at the E3 in June, but there is no way to know whether this will be the case.

Source: USPTO