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ZEROTherm BTF80 & BTF90 CPU Coolers Review

Shall we not take a look at the bundled mounting accesories?

Above shows the simplified Intel LGA 775 socket mounting mechanism. With a back-plate and spring-loaded screws, it provides a strong back-bone to hold the rather heavy 678g (Copper BTF90)cooler. ZEROTherm was also nice enough to bundle a small tube of thermal paste with the accesories.

We see the copper base of the BTF80 protected by the protective film sticker. The copper base is smooth but not very shiny, which should be good enough for good thermal dissipation since smoothness is of the utmost importance. You see 4 sets of aluminum heat pipes running out from the base on each side, totaling up to 8 pipes to carry the heat away from the base, an impressive figure!

We go on to check out the base of the BTF90.

It is similar to what we find on the BTF90 of course, but the aluminum heat pipes are replaced by copper ones. Of course, copper should provide better thermal efficiency, but we shall see what the trade-off for the higher price is when we go on to our testing.

Just take a look at the ample of surface area held by the layers of fins packed very uniformly throughout. The fins are rather tightly packed together so this cooler would probably perform at it’s peak with high pressure fans.

Another look at the shiny butterfly. Notice the red butterfly top to drive the impression deeper. The translucent fan at the side of the butterfly-shaped tower houses red LED lights and they spin up beautifully without blinding your eyes….



CPU Support List

Intel LGA 775 Socket

AMD Socket AM2
AMD Socket 939
AMD Socket 754


100(L) x 94(W) x 77(H) mm

Heatsink Material

Fin : BTF90 Copper/ BTF80 Aluminum

Base : BTF90 Copper/ BTF80 Copper
Heatpipe :BTF90 Copper/ BTF80 Aluminum

Heat Dissipation Area

4,400 cm2

Cooling Capacity

Over 150W

Fan Dimension

92 x 25 mm

Fan Speed

Automatic fan speed control by PWM
750~2,500 rpm (10%) normally under 1,500 rpm

Acoustical Noise

Max. 27 dBA (10%), normally under 18 dBA

Air Flow

Max. 42.8 CFM

Fan Connector

4-pin, 4-wire (PWM)

Rated Voltage

DC 12V

Power Consumption

Max. 1.56W


BTF90 678g/ BTF80 458g (w/o optional components)

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