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ZEROTherm BTF80 & BTF90 CPU Coolers Review

The BTF90 mounted on the Asus P5WD2-E Premium Motherboard, with an Intel Pentium XE 955(3.46Ghz) processor sandwiched in between. The main reason why we chose to use this processor for the review is because of the whopping 130watts TDP the CPU is rated at, which is one of the hottest CPU in the commercial market today.


The BTF80 and 90 are secured on 4 screws with springs and a backplate as shown in the picture below.

A very simple mounting method really, and it works great.

A shot of the BTF90 in its full glory. 2 Red LEDs on the left and right side of the fan! The red lights on the orangish copper gives a nice look.

Test Setup:

  • Intel Pentium XE 955 (3.46Ghz, Dual Core Engineering Sample, 130W TDP)
  • Asus P5WD2-E Premium Rev 1.01
  • Cosair XMS8000UL 512MB x2
  • Nvidia 7800GTX 512MB graphic card

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