Legend says that Odysseus came up with the idea of the Trojan Horse.

The Zeus virus, which first appeared a few years ago has returned, and it is using Facebook to spread itself again.  The Zeus virus is a very powerful Trojan horse, and once activated it will steal your bank account information once you log into your on-line bank account system.

Zeus is a type of botnet attack that first surfaced in July of 2007 where it first was used to steal information from the U.S. Department of Transportation.  By 2009  Zeus had spread and was active on scores of thousands of FTP accounts on numerous U.S. Banking sites along with other major corporation sites.

Trend Micro says that the resent return of the Zeus virus mostly involves two different variants of the virus, which first appeared in 2011.  Research suggests the variants were the product of Russian and Ukrainian hackers seeking ways to ‘phish’ for bank account data on both on-line banking and credit cards.

It was in late October 2009 that Zeus was first seen on Facebook and was estimated that nearly 2 million user accounts were sent ‘phishing’ messages, whereby the victim clicks on a link and unknowingly downloads the virus.

Reports are saying that the message received in the Facebook inbox has a message that reads, “Bring the NFL to Los Angeles”.  The victim clicks on that link and is then redirected to unknowingly download the virus.  In turn this virus will, as before, steal the victim’s bank account information and credit card data.

As with all E-mails, if in doubt, don’t click on it.  Common sense dictates that whenever a link redirects you to another site, the chances are it’s not for a cute kitten video.