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Zip Zip Introduces LEGO-inspired Glow-In-The-Dark USB Thumbdrive

Most of us would have played with LEGO bricks at one point in our childhood, while some of us may even own certain LEGO-themed hardware. But what happens when combine a LEGO brick with flash memory and a glow-in-the-dark gimmick? Answer: you get a thumbdrive which can serve as a portable light source for hours in the event of a power failure. And we are not making this up.

Zip Zip Glow, unique glow in the dark usb memory sticks

Created for those who adore cool designs and the inner child within us all, Zip Zip Glow is the first entirely glow in the dark USB 2.0 high-speed memory stick on the market. Its shape, reminiscent of childhood plastic toy blocks and its original glowing feature makes it a must have item this holiday season.

Its sleek design added to its convenient size allows users to carry them around on a keyring and discreetly back up and transfer computer files. The lid cleverly clips on to the base to avoid accidental loss.

The Zip Zip Glow comes in four different capacities: 2GB (US$35), 4GB (US$50), 8GB (US$70) and 16GB (US$90).

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