The ZTE Anthem 4G is one of the four phones that are scheduled to arrive at MetroPCS.  We have seen, so far, the Galaxy S3, Admire 4G and Coolpad Quattro and now we have the 4th showing up to the party.  The ZTE Anthem 4G is a mid-range Android 4.0 phone, typical of what you would see with the 5th largest carrier in the USA.

The above image is image that passed through the FCC on December 7th.  It's where the FCC label will sit on the phone.  Nothing we haven't seen before but it does give some specs confirmation that we all love to see.  MetroPCS has been pushing out some phones as of late and they have now got a range to suit almost everyone, unless you are an Apple fan.

With T-Mobile still planning on buying MetroPCS, it makes us wonder why they are still putting out CDMA phones as T-Mobile is a GSM company.  The logistics of the whole deal are still foggy at best.  It is nice to see that MetroPCS is finally breaking free of the stagnant position they held on to for such a long time.  Going back to the phone, you can see the specs below.  They are nice and robust but still speculation at this point, it's a mid-range unit, probably priced in the $199-$250 area like most the other ZTE's are.

Qualcomm MSM8960 Snapdragon

1.5GHz dual-core

LCD (480 * 800) WVGA

Android 4.0

Wi-Fi, LTE and NFC

Source FCC via Ameba