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  • Intel To Release Quad Core Xeon 5335 Early

    Intel has rushed introduction of a new quad-core chip originally scheduled for next year to Monday to meet demand from server manufacturers for the processor. Intel is shipping the Xeon 5335 processor two months ahead of schedule as an addition to its 5300 series of quad core processors. The 5335 is a 2GHz processor with

  • Next Gen Memory Demonstrated

    Scientists from IBM, Macronix and Qimonda today announced joint research results that give a major boost to a new type of computer memory with the potential to be the successor to flash memory chips, which are widely used in computers and consumer electronics like digital cameras and portable music players. The advancement heralds future success

  • Intel Developed Mobile WiMAX Baseband Chip

    Intel today announced design completion of its first mobile WiMAX baseband chip. Combined with the company’s previously announced single-chip, multi-band WiMAX/Wi-Fi radio, the pair creates a complete chipset called the Intel® WiMAX Connection 2300. This development marks another major step in Intel’s efforts to deliver an “always best connected” mobile Internet experience for future laptops

  • IIAS Launched Online Child Safety Portal

    The Internet Industry Association of Singapore (IIAS) has launched today an online child safety portal for Singaporeans to provide guidance and information for children using the Internet safely. The objective of this portal is to educate Children, Parents, Teachers and Carers on the potential threats that children can be exposed to on the world-wide-web. Some

  • OCZ APAC Summit 2006

    OCZ, a company known for Enthusiast range of Memory and Power Supplies, dips into the graphics cards market. Pretty unexpected, and there are some more interesting stuff they have in store, announced during OCZ’s APAC Summit 2006.

  • OCZ Dips into Graphics Cards

    OCZ, a company known for Enthusiast range of Memory and Power Supplies, dips into the graphics cards market. Pretty unexpected, and there are some more interesting stuff they have in store, such as a Silver Pinned Waterblock…

  • Battlefield Funan Lanparty 2006

    Right after two days of experiencing nVIDIA graphics at the NVIDIA Reality Tour (link), the gamers were getting into the mood for more. Pretty graphics? An opportunity for a PC showcase? Getting together for a good fragout? The gamers wanted all that and more, not for a transient moment, but for a full blown 3D2N

  • First Look at Gigabyte 680i SLI

    Gigabyte’s Non-reference 680i SLI Motherboard is soon to launch. Here’s a first look!

  • NVIDIA introduces MegaTasking Computing Platform

    NVIDIA today introduced the immediate availability of the new NVIDIA nForce 680a SLI media and communications processor (MCP), designed specifically for the new AMD Quad FX Platform with Dual Socket Direct Connect Architecture. The exclusive core-logic launch partner for AMD Quad FX processors, the NVIDIA nForce 680a SLI MCP provides processing capabilities on a massive

  • Company Of Heroes Patch Fixes SLI

    The RTS game Company Of Heroes had a problem with SLI performance but now it is fixed with the latest 1.3 patch. Get it here.

  • First Look at DFI RD600 & 680i SLI

    How long have the enthusiasts been waiting for a ATi RD600 Motherboard? At least close to 6 months now. But this thirst will be quenched nefore the end of this year. We take a first look at the DFI RD600 Motherboard that will be launched before the year ends and DFI’s 680i SLI Motherboard, soon

  • New NVIDIA Quadro FX 3500M

    NVIDIA today announced the NVIDIA Quadro FX 3500M, a high-performing mobile workstation graphics solution for CAD, Digital Content Creation, and Scientific Visualisation. Engineered to deliver unprecedented performance for accelerated workflow and shortened design cycles, the Quadro FX 3500M with support for OpenGL and DirectX, offers up to 512MB G-DDR3 memory, a 256-bit memory interface, up

  • Nvidia Reality Tour Report Singapore Stop

    Today, Nvidia Corporation, the world’s leading graphics technology company held their last stop of the Nvidia Reality Tour at Funan Digitalife Mall, Singapore. VR-Zone brings you some exclusive feeds and updates on the exciting event itself!

  • Penryn Prototypes Out

    In response to the news that Intel has started making prototypes of 45nm Penryn processors, motherboard makers said they expect CPU wars to enter a new level with dual-core processors operating at frequencies of 3GHz and higher in 2007. Two days ago, Reuters cited Mark Bohr, director of process architecture and integration at Intel’s technology

  • 3DLabs Handheld GPU Supports H.264

    3DLABS announces its entry into the handheld media processor market with the launch of the DMS-02. Based on a multi-core architecture including a fully programmable array of floating-point processors, it is the first handheld digital media silicon capable of HD 720p H.264 video playback. The pool of processing elements is equally adept at performing video,

  • Futuremark Releases Patches For 3DMark & PCMark

    Futuremark Corporation today released free updates to its 3DMark06, 3DMark05 and PCMark05 benchmark suites. Downloadable patches update 3DMark06 to version 1.1.0 and PCMark05 to version 1.2.0. A downloadable full installer updates 3DMark05 to version 1.3.0. Only scores obtained via these new versions, using approved drivers, will be used in official statistics, comparisons and services provided

  • Marvell Unveils PXA3xx Mohanans Family

    Marvell introduced a new generation of application processors designed for feature handsets, smartphones, GPS navigation systems, wireless handhelds and other consumer electronic devices. The Marvell® PXA3xx family of application processors (internally named Monahans) based on third generation of Intel® XScale technology was designed for cost efficiency by offering a broad roadmap that is architecturally consistent

  • Hannspree Enters Singapore Market

    Hannspree Inc, a leading manufacturer of fashionable and innovative LCD TVs announced today that it has appointed AsiaPac Distribution Pte Ltd as its official distributor in Singapore. AsiaPac Distribution Pte Ltd is a leading distributor of notebook, networking and IT products and services and is fully owned by EC-Asia International Limited (ECI) ECI, headquartered in

  • Transcend’s JetFlash USB Flash Drives work with Windows Vista and enhanced for Windows ReadyBoost

    Transcend Information, Inc. (Transcend) is a leading manufacturer of Flash Memory products. It is therefore with great pride that we are able to announce that all our JetFlash series of USB Flash Drives (both Hi-Speed and V Series) completely work with Windows Vista. In addition, many of our Hi-Speed USB 2.0 JetFlash models are enhanced

  • abit Overclocking Competition 2006!!

    On the 26th November 2006, abit sponsored it’s third Overclocking Competition in Singapore. After a 6 month break from our previous Overclocking Competition, have the gears gone rusty? Will the previoous winners get to the finishing line first again?