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  • Palm Selling Treo 680 Cheaply

    Palm Inc. began taking orders for its Treo 680 smartphone on Wednesday, hoping to expand from its core business customers to a larger market of casual, first-time users. Palm is charging US$ 399 for the “unlocked” version of the phone, allowing users to subscribe to any carrier, and plans to begin shipping the phones shortly

  • Intel G35 IGP HDMI/HDPC Features

    Intel recently released details of HDMI/HDPC in G35 IGP chipset (Bearlake G+), stating that would be a solid solution to HDMI/HDPC. HDMI Signal Mixing and HDCP have already built in G35 IGP. Through PCI-E pins, the 165MHz Pixel Clock provides 1.65Gbps bandwidth for the video, supporting 720p, 1080i and 1080p, and a maximum of 1600x

  • Server Market Grows in Q3

    Separate reports from research firms IDC and Gartner point to a more robust market for servers in the third quarter of 2006. This renewed corporate interest in servers reflects the growing popularity of blades and demand for high-end hardware, according to the reports. Overall, server revenue climbed 9.1 percent from a year ago and reached

  • Fujitsu Foldable Laptop

    Fujitsu is showing off a prototype of a laptop that folds down into the size and shape of a CD case. The prototype, called the Ultra Mobile PC, is the size of a CD case when it’s folded up. Then the user flips open an 8-inch display screen, just like he or she would on

  • FeminaPad For Female Gamers

    Core Gaming Gear, better known as Corepad®, the manufacturer and distributor of PC gaming accessories, announced today the release of the FeminaPad, premium cloth mouse pads. The FeminaPad will be available in one size: 1. FeminaPad 325 x 290 x 4.7mm / 12.80 x 11.42 x 0.19 in. The FeminaPad will be available in week

  • OCZ PC2-9200 FlexXLC Modules w/ Hybrid Water Cooling

    OCZ today unveiled the OCZ PC2-9200 FlexXLC 2x1GB Kit, a revolutionary new memory solution that offers unprecedented speed, signal integrity, and thermal management. These new modules feature the new OCZ FlexXLC heatsink that delivers superior heat dissipation via a hybrid copper and aluminum design alterable between passive air or water cooling. Thanks to OCZ’s FlexXLC

  • Kingston 4-GB ValueRAM DDR2 DIMMs

    Kingston today announced the release of 4-GB 533 MHz and 667 MHz ValueRAM® DDR2 registered ECC DIMM memory modules. The advent of new larger capacity, high-performance memory, combined with AMD Opteron(TM) processors, the latest in processor technology, and cutting-edge TYAN motherboards meets the critical performance demands of high-end computing and server applications. Kingston ValueRAM DDR2

  • Noctua NC-U6 Dual-Heatpipe Chipset Cooler

    With the NC-U6, Noctua presents a premium class chipset-cooler designed to efficiently solve heat issues of current mainboard chipsets. The NC-U6 implements a miniature-version of the well proven design of Noctua’s award winning NH-U coolers. Sporting 2 Dual-Heatpipes, 29 aluminium fins and soldered joints for optimal heat-transfer, the NC-U6 is the ultimate solution when it

  • Toshiba 8GB, Speed Class 4 SDHC Memory Card

    Toshiba today announced the global launch of the latest addition to its new series of high-capacity SDHC Memory Cards: the industry’s first 8-gigabyte Class 4 memory card. The new card will be introduced in early January 2007, alongside the 4GB products launched in September, and will give Toshiba larger commercially available lineup in high performance

  • Bloomfield Is Quad Core & Octo Threads

    The next generation Intel processor based on the Nehalem architecture is clearly exciting as VR-Zone has learned. Successor to quad core Yorkfield which forms part of the 45nm Penryn architecture, Bloomfield will come along and sit right on top of the 45nm Nehalem desktop processors in mid 2008. Bloomfield will have 4 cores and is

  • OCZ XTC Cooler

    OCZ today unveiled the premier memory overclocking accessory, the OCZ XTC Cooler. As active cooling becomes increasingly important for today’s high-speed memory solutions, OCZ developed the XTC Cooler for effective heat management of OCZ’s proprietary XTC (Xtreme Thermal Convection) modules. Once installed over the memory subsystem, the XTC Cooler’s dual 60mm fans channel a steady

  • IBM’s Blade 30% More Energy Efficient Than HP’s

    IBM announced today that its BladeCenter system uses up to 30 percent less energy than HP BladeSystem. Based on internal IBM testing, IBM’s AMD Opteron-based BladeCenter (LS21) within the BladeCenter system uses up to 30 percent less energy than the comparable HP AMD Opteron-based BladeSystem (BL465c) in the HP c-Class system when both systems are

  • Sony Sells Playstation 3 At Loss

    iSuppli Corp.’s dissection reveals the PlayStation 3 is an engineering masterpiece that sets a new high mark for computing price/performance—even when considering it is more expensive than its nearest rival, the Xbox 360 from Microsoft Corp. The combined materials and manufacturing cost of the PlayStation 3 is $ 805.85 for the model equipped with a

  • AMD Sampling RV505CE GPUs

    ATI has started to sample the real RV505CE chips after two months delay. 80nm RV505CE is a shrunken version of ATI’s 90nm RV515 core. It is manufactured by TSMC and has the same features as RV515, RV516 chips. It supports Shader Model 3.0, 64 or 128-bit memory interface, Avivo and Hyper memory that can address

  • ATi Chipsets Renamed

    After the completion of acquisition, AMD revealed the company’s plan to merge ATI’s chipset under the brand of AMD. Affected chipsets include those released CrossFire enabled RD580, RD550, RD480 and all future chipsets for AMD platform. The product segment includes X(Multi GPU), T(Premium Class IGP), G(Mainstream Class IGP) and V(Value Class IGP). ATi Xpress 3200

  • AMD Desktop CPU Roadmap Updated

  • abit Overclocking Competition 2006

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  • OCZ System Elite Memory Series

    OCZ today unveiled the new OCZ System Elite memory product family, a clear-cut means for system integrators to select the best possible memory solution for new builds or total system enhancement. Several product offerings will be available in the System Elite line providing SIs and system builders an assortment of performance, speeds, and densities. Parts

  • NVIDIA Reality Tour 2006 Singapore

    The NVIDIA Reality Tour showcases NVIDIA’s latest jaw-droppingly powerful, incredibly true-to-life PC gaming solutions on December 2nd and 3rd 2006 at Singapore’s popular IT Mall,Funan DigitaLife Mall. Experience first-hand the ultimate in PC gaming, compete in head-to-head mini tournaments on the newest NVIDIA nForce and GeForce hardware, and win NVIDIA products and prizes. VR-Zone will