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  • GE Invests In DFI

    US-based General Electric (GE) has invested NT$ 347.13 million (US$ 10.44 million) for a 5.26% stake in DFI, a Taiwan-based manufacturer of industrial PCs (IPCs), in an attempt to enhance the Asia-Pacific marketing of GE Industrial, one of the six business groups of GE. Related to the investment, GE Fanuc, a joint venture of GE

  • Corsair TWIN2X2048-6400C4D DOMINATOR 2GB Kits

    Corsair today unleashed TWIN2X2048-6400C4D DOMINATOR memory targeting value-conscious performance users. Featuring patent-pending Dual-path Heat Xchange (DHX™) technology, the new Corsair DOMINATOR memory offers the ideal blend of innovative features and reliable performance at standard 800MHz speed. Corsair’s patent pending DOMINATOR printed circuit board and 4-layer heat sink design offers superior heat dissipation than standard heat

  • Eagle & Foxconn Promo By Espco

    Promo Brought To You By Espco Computer! Whilst Stock Last!

  • UMC 65nm Process Going Smoothly

    UMC projecting that revenue contribution from its 65nm production will surpass that from 90nm technology in 2007. With a 1% in revenue contribution reached with 65nm production last quarter, UMC has now four customers with 65nm projects at the pilot run stage, and ten more applications are expected to reach tape-out by year-end 2006. UMC

  • Future GPUs Need Better Test Equipments

    NVIDIA detailed some troubling trends where the costs for ASIC development are growing to over $ 46 million with test costs about $ 2 million of the total. The cost of testers continues to increase as device complexity and test complexity rise, and the speed and functionality of the chips requires larger and faster testers

  • IBM Next-Gen Chip-Cooling Technologies

    IBM researchers presented an innovative approach for improving the cooling of computer chips, an increasingly urgent need given the large amount of heat released by today’s more powerful processors and the additional energy required for removing that heat. The technique, called "high thermal conductivity interface technology," allows a twofold improvement in heat removal over current

  • ZEROTherm BTF80 & BTF90 CPU Coolers Review

    ZEROTherm may not be enjoying the same world-wide exposure fellow Korean Cooler Company Zalman is enjoying, but it has a strong backing from parent Company APACK. APACK is a heatpipe technology based thermal solution provider which provides customized designing and engineering solutions and, ultimately, provides best-of breed thermal solutions. We take a look at ZEROTherm

  • Sparkle Calibre P795+ Graphics Card

    SPARKLE redefined performance expectations for graphics cards with Calibre P795+ graphic card. It brings screaming performance and cranks up the graphics horsepower with a whopping 512MB frame buffer and a 585MHz core.Designed for hard-core gamers and helped with strong over clocking ability, Calibre P795+ graphic card natively pushes the newest DirectX 9 game’s frame rates

  • Shuttle Energy Star Compliant XPCs

    Shuttle announced today that XPC systems are now Energy Star compliant. With Energy Star compliance, Shuttle XPC systems consume 70% less electricity than comparable non-Energy Star compliant systems. Shuttle Energy star compliant systems include the XPC M2000 with Intel Viiv technology, the extremely small XPC X100 at 2 inches tall, G5 3600 multimedia system and

  • Vista Causes PC Components Shortage

    Supply shortage of PC components has seriously hit PC makers since mid-October, and they are scrambling for crucial components including microprocessors, DRAM chips, chipsets, and lithium batteries. Industry watchers blame Vista, Microsoft`s next-generation operating system (OS), for the supply shortage. Taiwan`s top five notebook-computer suppliers-Quanta, Compal, Wistron, Inventec and ASUS are competing to grab DRAM

  • Samsung 3D Display For Games In 2009

    A research team led by Samsung Electronics has developed a high-resolution dual capacity display that allows 3-D images to be viewed on a flat- panel display without special filter glasses. Samsung has already built a 17-inch monitor prototype of the 3D display, which uses binocular disparity and time sequential “lens plus barrier” systems. It plans

  • NVIDIA Determine To Stay Independent

    Some analysts have suggested NVIDIA could end up being bought by No. 1 chip maker Intel or at least being forced to strike some sort of in-depth partnership like a licensing deal. Mike Hara, NVIDIA’s vice president of investor relations, reiterated his company’s determination to stay independent. AMD and Intel, which are battling it out

  • AMD CPU/GPU Merge Design In 2008

    AMD plans to create a new class of x86 processor that integrates the CPU and GPU at the silicon level with a broad set of design initiatives collectively codenamed “Fusion.” AMD intends to design Fusion processors to provide step-function increases in performance-per-watt relative to today’s CPU-only architectures, and to provide the best customer experience in

  • Single Core Battle : Intel Wolfdale-L vs AMD Spica

      Segment H1 2007 Q3 2007 Q4 2007 Intel Legacy Allendale (65nm, 2C/2T, 1066FSB, 2MB L2, 65W) E6400 – 2.13GHz E6300 – 1.86GHz   Wolfdale-M (45nm, 2C/2T, 1066FSB, 3MB L2, 54W) 3.4-3.7GHz Value Conroe-L (65nm, 1C/1T, 800FSB, 1MB L2, 65W) E1060 – 1.8GHz E1040 – 1.6GHz E1020 – 1.4GHz Conroe-L (65nm, 1C/1T, 533FSB, 512KB, 65W)

  • SMC ADSL2+ Barricade™ Modem Routers

    SMC announced the launch of three new ADSL2+ Barricade™ Modem Routers: the SMC7901BRA2, with one Ethernet and one USB port; the SMC7904BRA2 with four Ethernet ports; and the SMC7904WBRA2 with four Ethernet ports and 802.11g wireless capability. All three modem routers deliver support for the new ADSL2+ technology, and incorporate leading-edge performance and quality of

  • TSMC Made 500M NVIDIA Chips

    NVIDIA and TSMC today celebrated the shipment of the 500 millionth processor designed by NVIDIA and manufactured by TSMC. These processors — which include NVIDIA GeForce® GPUs and NVIDIA nForce® MCPs were created on 2.6 million eight-inch equivalent wafers. NVIDIA and TSMC began high-volume production in 1998 when NVIDIA was developing processors on the 0.35

  • SGI Sues ATi

    Silicon Graphics has sued ATI Technologies, alleging the graphics chipmaker infringed a computer-graphics patent that ATI’s competitors have licensed. The patent, filed in 1998 and awarded in 2003, involves describing graphical elements with floating-point numerals to balance the range and precision of values that can be stored. Floating-point numbers include an exponential component that spans

  • Hitachi 500GB Deskstar Available

    Hitachi today announced worldwide availability of its Deskstar® T7K500, Deskstar 7K160 and CinemaStar™ hard disk drives (HDDs). Delivering on the company’s strategy to expand its participation in the 3.5-inch hard drive segment as announced in April of this year, the new lines of 3.5-inch products target expanded application areas across high-capacity consumer and commercial PCs,

  • Noctua New NF-R8 Fan

    After the successful introduction of the NF-S12 in August, Noctua expands its range of premium quality fans with the NF-R8 80mm fan. Like the NF-S12, the NF-R8 employs a novel rotor developed by the Austrian Institute for Heat-Transmission and Fan Technology (Österreichisches Institut für Wärmeübertragung und Ventilatorentechnik, ÖIWV). Thanks to the special optimisation of the

  • Apple Laptops Get Core 2 Duo

    On Tuesday, Apple Computer upgraded the Macbook Pros to the Intel Core 2 Duo, leaving the basic Macbooks unchanged. The move comes right after Apple reported terrific 3rd-quarter earnings and is timed for the holiday season. Now, the Macbook Pro 15-inch and 17-inch laptops will make the leap to the Intel Core 2 Duos. As