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  • Dell Unveils AMD Opteron 2P/4P Servers

    Dell unveiled the PowerEdge 6950 and PowerEdge SC1435 along with the integration of Dell OpenManage(TM) and Oracle Enterprise Manager at a press conference at Oracle OpenWorld. The Dell PowerEdge 6950 is a four-socket server designed for demanding enterprise applications such as database, server consolidation, virtualization and migration from costly RISC-based systems. The PowerEdge SC1435 is

  • TSMC Benefits From NV & ATi 80nm Race

    ATI recently unveiled the X1950PRO designed on 80nm process and built by TSMC and NVIDIA too will roll out its 80nm chip in November, with TSMC also being the contact supplier. Thanks to the contracts from the world’s top two graphics-chip suppliers, TSMC expects its capacity utilization at its leading-edge process to go up in

  • ASUS Is Major Supplier For Sony PS3

    ASUS will be the major supplier for Sony PS3 for the fourth quarter of 2006, with Foxconn to ship PS3s to Sony starting from February and March 2007. According to Strategy Informer, Sony might not be able to meet the initial shipment figures of 2M units to retail stores in the USA and Japan at

  • ADI Raises PC Audio Performance

    Analog Devices and Sonic Focu announced today that ADI’s industry-standard SoundMAX® integrated motherboard audio will now include Sonic Focus Adaptive Dynamics technology. Together with the SoundMAX codec, Sonic Focus technology enhances the clarity, brilliance, depth, and warmth of all audio playback, from MP3 files to DVD audio, for both stereo and multi-speaker systems. In addition,

  • AMD CPUs Price Cut

    Processor Model Current Price New Price % Drop Athlon 64 FX FX-62 827 713 14% Athlon 64 X2 3800+ 176 152 14% Athlon 64 3800+ 112 108 4% Turion 64 X2 TL-60 354 263 26% TL-56 263 220 16% TL-52 220 184 16% TL-50 184 154 16% Sempron 3800+ - 108 - Mobile Sempron (Socket

  • SilverStone TJ07 Full Tower Case

    SilverStone’s next generation flagship tower case the TJ07, has upset the competition for amost a year now by introducing this world class case design back in spring 2005. Since then, the TJ07 has won many awards as one of the best case designs introduced to the modern world. With state-of-the-art ergonomically designed engineering, the TJ07

  • Intel Native 2MB L2 Conroe/Merom In Feb ’07

    The existing E6300 and E6400 has 4MB L2 onboard but half of its cache disabled so costs are naturally higher since the transistors are there. Intel will therefore release native 2MB L2 Conroe and Merom (Santa Rosa Platform – 800FSB/Socket P) in Feb 2007 which sport smaller die size (~30% smaller) as well as fewer

  • Intel Demo Xeon MP Tigerton Server

    Intel has demonstrated a server based on the upcoming quad-core Tigerton processors, part of its Xeon MP chip family in the third quarter of 2007. Servers based on Tigerton will use the Clarksboro chipset. Clarksboro eliminates the dual-independent bus structure used on current Tulsa-class servers and replaces it with a dedicated link between each quad-core

  • ASUS P5B-E Plus w/ Solid State Capacitors

    ASUS introduced the P5B-E Plus motherboard, which uses all high-quality conductive polymer capacitors onboard for durability, improved lifespan, and enhanced thermal capacity. The main differences between P5B-E Plus and P5B Deluxe are the usage of solid state capacitors, lack of one PCIe x16 slot, no Heat Pipe Design, 4 Phase compared to 8-Phase Power Design.

  • Intel & AMD 2007 Desktop Roadmap

      Segment Q4 2006 H1 2007 H2 2007 Intel Extreme Performance (Core 2 Extreme) Kentsfield XE (65nm, 4C/4T, 1066FSB, 2x4MB L2) QX6700 – 2.66GHz   Yorkfield XE (45nm, 4C/4T, 1333FSB, 2x6MB L2) 3.46-3.73GHz Performance (Core 2 Quad)   Kentsfield (65nm, 4C/4T, 1066FSB, 2x4MB L2) Q6600 – 2.4GHz Yorkfield (45nm, 4C/4T, 1066/1333FSB, 2x6MB L2) > 3.0GHz

  • Two New Sockets For Nehalem in 2008

    Intel is going to implement 2 new sockets for the next generation Nehalem architecture in 2008 and they are Socket B and Socket H. As we know, Nehalem is 45nm based and we are going to see some exciting changes such as IMC (Integrated Memory Controller) and CSI. Socket B will be LGA1366 and Socket

  • ATi R600 Card Is Long & Hot

    Since we have to go quiet for the G80 now, we will focus our attention on the ATi next generation R600. We got to know that R600 is a 300W beast built on 80nm process technology. To cool off that beast, you need a 4 heatpipes cooling solution. The R600 card is long from what

  • NVIDIA Releases Next Gen. Performance Tools

    NVIDIA today announced NVPerfKit 2.1, a comprehensive suite of next-generation performance tools for the debugging and profiling of OpenGL and Direct3D software applications for Windows and Linux. Developers using NVPerfHUD 4 experience an average performance improvement of 35%, and find an average of 11 rendering bugs. By offering access to low-level performance counters inside the

  • Sun Niagara 3 Chip Design Begins

    Sun Microsystems engineers have begun designing Niagara 3. This new member of the Sparc family will be built using a manufacturing process with 45-nanometer circuitry elements. Niagara 1 has eight processing cores, each able to process four simultaneous “threads” of instructions. Niagara 2 doubles the total number of threads from 32 to 64 by supporting

  • Intel Centrino Pro Technology

    Intel will upgrade its Centrino technology to Centrino Pro, with the launch to come with the availability of Microsoft Windows Vista OS. Similar to the chip giant’s marketing investment in Centrino, a total of US$ 300 million will be injected into Intel’s worldwide sales promotion of Centrino Pro. Part of Santa Rosa platform, Centrino Pro

  • Samsung 50nm DDR2 DRAM

    Samsung has developed the industry’s first 50nm DDR2 DRAM chip, which will increase production efficiency from the 60nm level by 55%. The new 1Gbit DRAM incorporates advanced technologies such as three-dimensional (3D) transistor design and multi-layered dielectric technology, which greatly enhance performance and data storage capabilities. Samsung’s new 50nm process technology can be applied to

  • ASUS Adds 3 New Notebooks

    ASUS today adds 3 new Notebooks to their notebook series. The R1F tablet PC offers a smart balance of mobility and performance with comprehensive security features that protect with both software as well as hardware solutions, providing a secure and convenient computing experience for business professionals on the go. The R2H Ultra-Mobile PC comes with

  • ASUS Launches WL-700gE Wireless Storage Center

    ASUS today introduced the WL-700gE, which is a multifunctional broadband wireless storage router. It’s also a digital home media center, as well as a user-friendly network storage. The WL-700ge is an excellent offering that integrated a 3.5-inch hard drive. It enables convenient downloads through http, ftp and BT protocols, and is able to operate independently

  • Intel Earnings Down But Beats Forecast

    Intel posted third quarter net income of $ 1.3 billion, up 47 percent sequentially but down 35 percent year-to-year. Intel posted third quarter revenue of $ 8.7 billion, up 9 percent sequentially compared with the second quarter, but down 12 percent year-to-year compared with the third quarter of 2005. Intel is pleased with the results

  • OCZ PC2-6400 Gold Rev.2 GX DDR2

    OCZ announced the addition of PC2-6400 Gold Rev.2 GX DDR2 to the popular gaming oriented Gold XTC series. OCZ Technology now offers a complete line of gamer-grade XTC DDR2 solutions ranging from DDR2-533 to DDR2-1100 to pair perfectly with the latest high performance AMD and Intel based motherboards. The PC2-6400 Gold Rev. 2 XTC memory