• Corsair New DDR2-800 XMS PRO & XMS XPERT

    Corsair announced the introduction of two new DDR2-800 low latency 2GB kits. Designed with the advanced users in mind who demand performance, aesthetics and functionary in one package, the new TWIN2X2048-6400C4PRO and TWIN2XP2048-6400C4 memory kits are optimized for the current AMD® socket AM2 platform and the upcoming Intel® platform....

  • AMD Garners Software Support For 4×4

    AMD announced today broad software developer support for its upcoming four-core, multi-socket enthusiast platform, codenamed 4×4. Leading software developers including Bioware, Cakewalk, Crytek, Havok, Irrational Games, Midway, NERO and Sony have been working on software applications and games to take advantage of multi-core processors and benefit from AMD’s Direct...

  • VR-Zone’s Eskimo Party

    June is one of the hottest period of the year in Singapore… where we enjoy “warm climate” all year round. However a group of us chilled out for 3 days in our Igloo… at VR-Zone’s Eskimo Party! Held in Singapore’s only Ice Skating Ring Fuji Ice Palace, it is...

  • HIS Develops Dual RV530 Single Slot Solution

    HIS has been developing a unique dual GPU, single PCB graphics accelerator sporting two ATi RV530 chipsets. Increased bandwidth is available to the two GPUs thanks to the use of a PLX bridge chip.

  • 80nm ATi Development

    Gecube has recently released their product roadmap that outlines new ATi 80nm based products. The new 80nm RV560 and RV570 are still designed with 12 Pixel Shader Processor, similar to RV530 Crossfire except they have build-in Compositing Engine. The final specification of RV560/RV570 is perhaps a mystery till its...

  • Tri-gate Transistors To Lower Leakage Current

    Intel has introduced a new technique of shaping transistors on die to reduce leakage current even on smaller upcoming processes.

  • Single Core Intel CPUs to Gain D0 Stepping

    D0 Stepping will be introduced to both Pentium D and Celeron. As 65nm process is now in mature, the specification is upgraded from FMB 05A to FMB06, with 65W TDP as a maximum. Since most of the Intel based main board follows the FMB 05B specification, there is no...

  • AMD Cuts CPU Price By Up To 50%

    AMD decided to drop their prices on 24th July, the day after Intel’s price-cut on Netburst CPUs. Intel would announce their new architecture dual core processor “Conroe” on 23rd July. On the same day, the old Netburst based Pentium D CPUs will drop price by 40% to 60%. Manufacturers...

  • Intel To Reduce Pentium D TDP To 95W

    Pentium D will gain 95W TDP from September this year. Besides the lower TDP, some defects will be rectified. Intel Pentium D 960, 950, 945, 925 and 915 will be released in D0 Stepping. Pentium D 940, 930 and 920 are excluded from these improvements.

  • Join The First Overclocking LAN Party On ICE!!!

    VR-Zone, together with our sponsors ATi, Gigabyte, Kingston, PowerColor, Intel, Planex, CoolerMaster, SeaGate And Toshiba brings to you the First Overclocking LAN Party on ICE!! For this 3 Days 2 Nights LAN Party, there will be an exciting Overclocking Competition on the First Day and many many fun competitions...

  • SilverStone ST75ZF @ 950w Continious

    750 Watt at 50°C & 90V AC Input – This is the industrial standard in which the operating temperatures are expected to be in the high 40°C and up to 50°C. In addition to temperature, power supplies becomes more efficient as the AC input voltage increase, as a reference,...

  • CommunicAsia2006 : Booth Babes Roundup

    VR-Zone checks out the booth babes of CommunicAsia. More to come!

  • CommunicAsia2006 : Mobile Phones Madness!

    CommunicAsia2006 features the latest communications technologies and innovative products. VR-Zone checks out the latest and upcoming mobile phones from the likes of Motorola, Kyocera, LG, Samsung, NTT DoCoMo and Sony Ericsson.

  • Gigabyte GA-965P-DQ6

    We picked up the GA-965P-DQ6 from Gigabyte and we put it through the tests and see what it is capable of.

  • Records broken at DreamHack LAN Party with Intel Conroe on LN2!

    My friend Kinc from Sweden and his team-mates broke some 3D Mark records overclocking and benchmarking live at DreamHack LAN Party! they used a load of Liquid Nitrogen and Cascade Coolers. Huge Congrqats to them for scoring 74553 in 3D mark 01, 23945 in 05 and 13521 in 06,...

  • Close Look @ VR-Zone’s Dry Ice & Water-Cooled 7950GX2 Quad SLI System

    I’ve had quite a few people asking me to see more of the Inno3D Dry Ice Automater and 7950GX2 Quad SLI water-cooling system we displayed at Innovision booth during Computex 2006. Here are the details of it!

  • Extreme Cooling on Voltage Modified Quad SLI!

    Check out some pictures of our extreme cooled and voltage modified Quad SLI! We are facing some problems with trying to get Quad SLI drivers installed properly at the moment. More pictures and details here.

  • Facing Off Creme of the Crop DDR2 Memory!

    DDR2 Memory has gone full blast rcently as AMD moves to AM2 and Intel’s upcoming Conroe CPU picking up a huge amount of attention. We compare 3 pairs of High-speed DDR2 Memory to find the creme of the crop!

  • All Inno3D PCIE Cards extend to 2 year warranty

    MCP Computer Pte Ltd is pleased to announce that the Warranty policy has been revised. As of June 1st 2006, all models of Geforce cards in the PCI-Express variant will have their warranty period extended to 24 months, up from the previous state of 12 months. This extension of...

  • ASUS M2N32 SLI Pencil Voltage Mods

    The ASUS M2N32 SLI AM2 Motherboard supports up to 1.6v CPU core voltage and 2.5v Memory voltage. For those who crave for more, here are some simple pencil voltage modifications you can do. Take Note that warranty is void when you modify the voltages!