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  • IDF : Intel QuickData Technology

    Intel unveiled QuickData Technology at IDF Taipei today, a data acceleration engine that enables other networking and server vendors to increase the throughput of server data traffic. Key supporters of Intel QuickData Technology include Broadcom, Fujitsu-Siemens, IBM, Mellanox, Microsoft and VMWare. Introduced as part of I/OAT with Intel Xeon 5100 series earlier this year, the

  • Interview with Mr Shai Schiller, CEO Axis Mobile

    VR-Zone was honored to be given the chance to interview Mr Shai Schiller, CEO of Axis Mobile at the 3GSM Conference held @ Suntec City, Singapore. Throughout the interview, we discussed the various trends that the consumer mobile market is heading, and Axis Mobile’s Simple Mail mobile email application, a revolutionary application that will bring


    The AW9D-MAX is proving itself the world over with innovative features and functionality. Taking advantage of the latest and greatest processors from the Intel camp, providing the end user a high end, high performance experience with dual PCI-e X16 graphics capabilities, dual GbE LAN, 1066MHz FSB, and a host of other features. Not to mention

  • IDF : Intel Excited About Penryn

    Mooly Eden, VP and GM of Intel Mobile Platforms Group gave an interesting insight into the next generation architecture in a press briefing at IDF Taipei today. He talked about the Tick-Tock Model where there will be a major architectural change alternate with a die shrink every 2 years. It is to reduce the risks

  • IDF : Tyan Unveils Typhoon Cluster Server On Clovertowns

    Tyan has unveiled their latest Typhoon cluster server running of 10 Quad-core Xeon 5300 processors at IDF Taipei today. There are 5 nodes altogether and each node has 2 sockets. It can perform at 45Tflops and consume less than 15KW power. This server will cost around $ 50K set to launch on Nov 14th. Tyan

  • IDF : Intel Shipped 5M Core 2 Duo

    Intel today at IDF Taipei mentioned that they have shipped 5 million Core 2 Duo processors within 60 days of its debut on July 27th and expect no general shortage in the market. Intel is set to announce its Q3 earnings report on Oct 17th and investors seem to be upbeat about Intel prospects. Intel

  • ASUS P5N32-SLI Premium/WiFi-AP

    ASUS introduce the P5N32-SLI Premium/WiFi-AP, which leveraged Quad-SLI technology, Intel’s Core2 Extreme support, and a third PCI Express x16 slot for Nvidia’s upcoming Physics card to deliver superior gaming realism. Teamed with SupremeFX and DTS connect, P5N32-SLI Premium/WiFi-AP-powered systems provide gaming experiences that look, feel and sound real!  The 8-Phase Power Design provides highly efficient

  • Sapphire All Hallows Eve Halloween Masquerade Contest

    Sapphire, ATi’s close AIB Partner is holding a very interesting All Hallows Eve Halloween Masquerade Contest. This global Contest with several regional winners gives enthusiasts all over the world to win the ultimate Treat this Halloween: A dream setup consisting of two TOXIC X1950 XTX in CrossFire Configuration seated on the SAPPHIRE Pure CrossFire 3200

  • NVIDIA Unveils GeForce Go 7950 GTX

    NVIDIA has once again raised the bar for notebook graphics performance with the release of the NVIDIA GeForce Go 7950 GTX . Notebooks with the new GPU are available for order from select top gaming notebook makers in North America and Europe. Gamers can experience the power of this new GPU in Dell notebooks at

  • Corsair Launches Nautilus GPU Water Cooling Blocks

    Corsair releases Nautilus GPU water blocks supporting the latest NVIDIA® GeForce™based graphics cards in both single and dual SLI™ configurations. The Corsair Nautilus GPU water blocks are the perfect accessory for the Corsair Nautilus500 external liquid cooling system, and other third party liquid cooling solutions that utilize 3/8” tubing. Constructed with a pure solid copper

  • Forget the Charts, See It in Person

    For ladies and gentlemen in Singapore looking to check out the performance of the Intel Core 2 Duo Processors, just drop by sonme of the retail shops in Sim Lim Square and you can get to check out the performance against a varied list of modern-day processors, including the AMD FX62. You’ve read the reviews,

  • Seagate Ups Storage Space For Maxtor OneTouch III

    Seagate is shipping this month new capacity points of its Maxtor Shared Storage(TM) II and Maxtor OneTouch(TM) III storage and backup solutions for computers, laptops and small networks. The Maxtor OneTouch III Turbo Edition, the king of the family, is now available with up to 1.5TB of high performance, large capacity storage with user-configurable RAID

  • Intel Ships WiMAX Chips

    Accelerating the availability of broadband wireless access, Intel today announced the availability of the Intel® WiMAX Connection 2250, the company’s next-generation system-on-chip and its first designed to support mobile networks in addition to fixed networks. The Intel WiMAX Connection 2250 is the industry’s first dual-mode baseband chip, and when paired with Intel’s discrete tri-band WiMAX

  • Toshiba Licensed Rambus Interfaces

    Toshiba has signed a license agreement for the Rambus XDR(TM) memory controller interface cell, dubbed XIO, and the Rambus PCI Express® Gen 1 PHY cell. The Rambus interface solutions will be implemented in Toshiba’s 65nm process technology for integration into the latest consumer, computing, and communications applications. The Rambus XIO memory controller is the high-performance,

  • Dual Core Battle : Intel Wolfdale vs AMD Antares

    Intel plans to counter 65nm AMD “Antares” dual core processor with their 45nm “Wolfdale” dual core processor based on Penryn core architecture in Q3 ’07. Wolfdale will contain 6MB of shared L2 cache compared to 512KB dedicated L2 per core (1MB total) and 2MB shared L3 on the Antares. It seems like 45nm Penryn architecture

  • Intel Montevina Mobile Platform In 2008

    Intel is working on the follow-up of Santa Rosa, codenamed ‘Montevina’, due to ship in 2008. Montevina will support ‘Penryn’, Intel’s 45nm die-shrink of its current generation of 65nm Core 2 processors. The 45nm chip is said to consume no more than 29W, compared to Merom’s 35W TDP. Montevina comprises the ‘Cantiga’ chipset along with

  • AMD LIVE! PCs from Alienware and Dell

    AMD today announced the availability of new AMD LIVE! PCs from Alienware and Dell, expanditng the selection of popular, easy-to-use PCs designed to help simplify today’s digital lifestyle. The AMD LIVE! PC is a full-featured media center computer powered by the AMD Athlon 64 X2 dual-core processor and created to enrich consumers’ experiences when enjoying

  • IBM Power6 CPU Architecture

    Power6 can count to 10–and perform numerous other mathematical operations–with the decimal digits 0 through 9 rather than the binary digits of 0 and 1 used by conventional computers Power6 incorporates the AltiVec also known as VMX instruction set speeds up many multimedia tasks. Tradeoff is the electrical current "leakage" problems in today’s chipmaking technology

  • AMD Barcelona Quad Core Architecture

    Advanced branch prediction. Doubled the return stack size, more branch history bits, and built in a 512-entry indirect branch predictor 32-byte instruction fetch. Increases efficiency by reducing split-fetch instruction cases Sideband stack optimizer. Adjustments to the stack don’t take up functional unit bandwidth. Independent memory controllers, which enables more memory pages to remain open Memory

  • Pentium D 805 Discontinued

    Market demand for the Desktop Intel® Pentium® D processor 805 has shifted to other Intel® processors. The products identified in this notification will be discontinued and unavailable for additional orders after the "Last Product Discontinuance Order Date" (see "Key Milestones" above).