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  • AMD Desktop CPUs Price Cut

    Family Model Old Price Feb 12th (US$ ) Athlon 64 X2 Athlon 64 X2 5600+ 505 326 Athlon 64 X2 5400+ 485 267 Athlon 64 X2 5200+ 295 232 Athlon 64 X2 5000+ 285 222 Athlon 64 X2 5000+ 285 222 Athlon 64 X2 4800+ 244 217 Athlon 64 X2 4600+ 215 195 Athlon 64

  • Marvell Supports Windows Mobile 6 on New Marvell PXA Processors

    Microsoft made a worldwide announcement on the availability of Windows Mobile 6 one working day ago. Today at the opening of the 3GSM Show in Barcelona, Marvell disclosed a collaboration with Microsoft to support developers working on Windows Mobile 6, with the recently introduced Marvell PXA3xx series application processors (internally code named “Monahans”). According to

  • Intel Demo’ed 80-Cores Polaris Chip

    Intel has demonstrated the 80-cores chip codenamed Polaris as the world’s first Teraflop processor running at 3.16GHz at a mere 62W last Thursday @ ISSCC. This research CPU offers clues to where is Intel heading towards in the future; many-cores and mix cores architectures. We knew that the 32nm Westmere (Nehalem-C) will be the first

  • AMD Barcelona Power Savings Techniques

    According to TGDaily, AMD claims that the TDP of Barcelona is 15% lower than the TDP provided and the lowest power quad-core at a typical power consumption of less than 58W. Barcelona also features an improved virtualization  that can provide a performance gain of up to 43% over non AMD-V driven applications. Here are some

  • ATi 65nm RV610/RV630 Cards Info

    VR-Zone has gotten some concrete information on the process technology and memory interface of RV610 and RV630. Both will be based on 65nm process technology from TSMC. RV610, the low end version will only have 64-bit memory interface and we have told you earlier that there will be 2 variants at launch; RV610LE which is

  • ATi R600 Water-Cooled & FireStream Editions

    We heard the same thing as INQ about a R600 water-cooled edition. According to INQ, two companies are competing to make the cooler. One is Aavid and the second is Denmark-based Asetek. The water cooler has both water pump and the reservoir on the radiator so the card will look similar to the other cards,

  • ATi R600XTX/XT/XL Series Unveiled

    VR-Zone has learned about some new details on 80nm R600 today and there will be 2 SKUs at launch; XTX and XT. There will be 2 versions of R600XTX; one is for OEM/SI and the other for retail. Both feature 1GB DDR4 memories on board but the OEM version is 12.4″ long to be exact

  • nForce 680i LT & nForce 7000 Series In March

    NVIDIA is preparing to launch a cheaper version of their nForce 680i SLI chipset next month at CeBIT and the chipset samples will be ready by end of this month as VR-Zone has learned. DailyTech has reported earlier, this chipset support Core 2 Duo/Quad, FSB1333, DDR2-800 instead of DDR2-1200, 8 USB 2.0 ports instead of

  • ASUS EN8800GTX AquaTank/HTDP/768M

    Users have always demanded greater performance while retaining a cool temperature for their graphics cards. ASUS answers this need with the new ASUS EN8800GTX AquaTank/HTDP/ 768M graphics card. With an innovative all-in-one watercooled module, this graphics card is able to push performance by 11% and still be 12°C cooler than generic GF8800GTX cards. The EN8800GTX

  • ASUS Dual/Quad Core Serverboards

    ASUS has designed the DSBF-D12 and DSBF-D12/SAS serverboards. These two serverboards are designed to support both the Dual Core Intel® Xeon® Processor 5000/5100 Sequence and the Quad-Core Intel® Xeon® Processor 5300 Sequence; and utilize DDR2 FBD memory for their memory needs. The DSBF-D12 supports mainstream SATA2 storage by integrating 6 SATA2 300MB/s ports with built-in

  • VIA To Make Southbride For Godson Board

    VIA was recently contracted by the Chinese Academy of Science (CAS) of mainland China to supply south-bridge chips for a low-priced computer built on the institute`s “Godson” microprocessors. CAS rolled out a RMB1,599 (US$ 207 at US$ 1:RMB7.8) computer built around “Godson 2″ microprocessors last year. The computer runs on Linux OS and is a

  • Cabled PCI Express Details; External GFX Support

    PCI Express is the third generation of multi-purpose I/O interface that can be used across the computing industry, from mobile through high-end servers and communication equipment. Cabled PCI Express targets a large number of applications such as removable media drives (e.g., CD/DVD), memory modules, I/O ports (e.g., USB, IEEE-1394), and audio jacks, conventional PCI Express

  • At Least 3 ARMs In Apple iPhone

    ARM has confirmed that “at least three” processor cores developed at his company are present within the iPhone from Apple Inc. There may be three ARM processor cores in the Apple iPhone, reports came forward that the main CPU for the iPhone is a PXA320, formerly the Monahan applications processor from Intel., now supplied by

  • PCI Express Goes External

    PCI-SIG today announced the availability of the PCI Express External Cabling 1.0 specification, which extends the PCI Express (PCIe®) interconnect architecture “outside the box.” Cables using the PCIe technology will be used for external applications, as well as applications internal to an enclosure that need a cable connection. Standard cables and connectors have been defined

  • Intel Discrete GPU Roadmap Overview

    From our non-Intel sources, we came to know about Intel’s Visual Computing Group (VCG) discrete graphics plans. There seems to be a few interesting developments down the pipeline that could prove quite a challenge to NVIDIA and AMD in 2 years time. As already stated on their website, the group is focused on developing advanced

  • Clovertown FSB Bump To Match Barcelona

    We heard Intel might consider bumping the quad core Clovertown FSB to 1600MHz from the current 1333MHz to match up with the AMD quad core Barcelona. Another strategy Intel is considering is to push forward 45nm Hapertown schedule to this year instead. Hapertown will have 2x6MB of L2 cache and 1333FSB. Intel is keeping a

  • New Energy-Efficient Opteron Processors

    Delivering on its commitment to industry-leading datacenter performance and performance-per-watt, AMD today announced availability of new AMD Opteron™ processor models in both highly efficient (68 watt) and mainstream (95 watt) thermal envelopes. AMD has expanded the breadth of its low-power solutions with AMD Opteron processor Models 1218 HE, 2218 HE and 8218 HE. All of

  • ASUS P5B Deluxe Quad Core & CrossFire Test

    Today we will be taking a look at how the Asus P5B Deluxe fare with The highest end CPUs available in the market today, the Q6700 and X6800. At the same time, we’ll take a look at Gigabyte’s unreleased Gigabyte 975X-DS5, comparing ATI Crossfire performance between the two boards at the same time…

  • Intel To Cut Price For Quad & Dual Core Xeon In Apr

    Intel plans to lower the price for its Quad-Core Xeon 3200 and Dual-Core Xeon 3000 processors, in April 2007, in a bid to help boost demand in the 1-way server market. It will also introduce new 1-way targeted chipsets in the second half of the year, but will hold off releasing new processors based on

  • ATi RV610 & RV630 Info Emerged

    We have gotten some concrete information on the RV610 and RV630. The card samples will start appear in March and the launch slated for April timeframe. There will be 3 variants of RV630 supporting DDR2, DDR3 or DDR4. For low-end RV610, it will be built on 65nm process and there are 2 variants; RV610LE supporting