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  • ASUS EN7950GT & EN7900GS Cards

    ASUS introduce two new graphics cards – EN7950GT/HTDP/512M and EN7900GS/2DHT/256M – designed specifically for serious gamers that also demand price per performance in their video solutions. The EN7950GT/HTDP/512M is powered by the latest Nvdia GeForce 7950GT GPU and 512MB DDR3 memory to deliver superb video capability for the latest games. Based on the Nvidia GeForce

  • Sony Cut 20GB PS3 Price, Adds HDMI

    Sony, which will launch the latest version of its blockbuster game gear on Nov. 11 in Japan, now plans to sell a version of PS3 with a 20GB hard disk drive for 49,980 yen ($ 430), down from the previously announced 62,790 yen ($ 540). Microsoft currently sells its Xbox 360 in Japan for 39,795

  • G84 & G86 Info

    We heard faintly about two new codenames of the G8x family; G84 and G86. Information is really scarce at this point of time so take this with a pinch of salt. We guess G86 is GeForce 8600 while G84 is GeForce 8300 or even 8400, probably a move to make things more straight forward. The

  • Corsair 8GB Flash Voyager USB Drive

    Corsair® today announced immediate availability of a new 8GB Flash Voyager USB drive. Encased in the Corsair proprietary all-rubber Flash Voyager housing and boasting water-resistant/ temperature tolerant properties, the new 8GB drive allows users to carry more valuable data and applications without compromise. Equipped with a security application and featuring enhanced dual channel technology, the

  • Intel to integrate GFX into CPU

    It looks like Intel is currently in process of making higher-end GPU integrated into NorthBridge chips and CPUs. This position is for a pre-Silicon validation engineer for the Graphics Engineering team. The team is currently working on Intel GFX core which will be integrated in Memory Controllers as well as the CPU.

  • ATi Claims Leadership In Vista Driver Stability

    ATi has claimed leadership over NVIDIA in terms of Windows Vista driver stability and here are their claims and report findings : ATI’s software development team has put significant effort into developing an extremely robust and stable Windows Vista graphics driver. ATI’s Leadership in Windows Vista driver stability (ATI conducted a series of stability tests

  • Iomega New External SFF & Desktop Drive For Mac

    Iomega today announced two lines of exciting new external hard drives for Mac users and others that value high capacity drives with a variety of functionalities: the new Iomega® UltraMax 640GB* Desktop Hard Drive, providing Mac users with secure, high-capacity storage in a rugged enclosure that complements the Apple® Mac® Pro and Power Mac series

  • ASUS Chilly Vent Lux Cooler

    Today, we take a look at ASUS’ Chilly Vent Lux CPU cooler. Designed exclusively for AMD’s Socket 939, the Chilly Vent Lux features dual heat pipes, and is claimed to offer high performance and silence at the same time. It even offers a colourful green and white fan to boot!

  • ATi R600 To Clock Over 700MHz?

    R600 will have high frequency and a 64 unified Shader units. ATI hopes to get the final chip at a frequency higher than 700MHz. At this point people don’t know the exact frequency as the final silicon is still not out but the estimation targets at more than 700MHz. This chip is 80 nanometre and

  • ATi releases Catalyst 6.9 with CrossFire on Intel 965

    ATi has released Catalyst 6.9 Drivers for their graphics cards based on Radeon display driver 8.291 . This release of Catalyst introduces CrossFire support for the Intel 965 Chipset and is available for D3D applications, and supported on ATI Radeon X1900 CrossFire edition products.

  • ECS Enters MoDT Arena With ECS 945GTY MODT

    The guys at ECS have jumped onto the MoDT bandwagon with the 945GT Express Chipset based motherboard, in striking purple. Read on!

  • Sunon Releases Hybrid Heatsink

    Sunon has released a hybrid CPU cooler using a mix of watercooling and air cooling techniques to cool current generation K8, K9 and LGA processors. Our friends at HKEPC have done a review of it against the Thermaltake Beetle heatsink, which you can check out here.

  • ATi To Announce Official Support For Crossfire On Intel 965 Chipsets

    ATi is working on delivering a new Catalyst driver to support Crossfire on Intel 965 Express Chipset but of course, the chipset only allows x4/x16 dual graphics capabilities. ODMs and press have already gotten hold of the beta Catalyst 6.10 drivers but the public will still be able to download the official WHQL Catalyst 6.9

  • Intel Bad Axe/2 Successor; Bonetrail

    The latest Intel roadmap has revealed the codename for the next Intel Desktop board based on the Bearlake-X chipset. Bonetrail will be the successor to the current popular Bad Axe and the upcoming Bad Axe 2 boards. It is slated for launch in Q3 next year. Bonetrail will support Kentsfield probably even 45nm Penryn core,

  • Bearlake Chipsets Info

    Bearlake-X : Quad Core support, DDR3 1333, 2×16 GFX, PCI Express 2.0, ICH9/ICH9R/ICH9DH, Q3’07 Bearlake-P : DDR3 1066/DDR2 800, FSB 1333, ICH9/R/DH, Q2 ’07 Bearlake-G : DDR3 1066/DDR2 800, FSB 1333, Intel Clear Video Technology, ICH9/R/DH, Q2’07 Bearlake-G+ : DDR3 1066/DDR2 800, FSB 1333, Intel Clear Video Technology and DX10, High Definition Playback with Content

  • Thecus Demos at ASIAL 2006

    Held from August 29 to 31, The ASIAL 2006 Security Conference and Exhibition is Australia’s premier security industry event. ASIAL 2006 is organized by the Australian Security Industry Association Ltd (ASIAL), the peak national body for the Australian Security Industry, which is committed to ensuring that there is an sustainable platform for the industry to

  • OCZ Roadster USB 2.0 Flash Drive

    OCZ today announced the latest addition to their reputable flash product line—the OCZ Roadster USB 2.0 Flash Drive series. The ultra-portable “Top-Down” design of the OCZ Roadster makes data storage and transferring easier and more portable than ever. Best of all, there is no cap to lose with the OCZ Roadster’s modern design. Unlike other

  • Intel Xeon MP Updates; Tulsa & Tigerton

    There will be a higher speed Xeon MP 7150N based on 65nm Tulsa dual core coming out in Q1 next year. It is clocked at 3.5GHz with 667FSB and contains 16MB of L3 cache. 7150N will be priced at $ 2622. Later in Q3 ’07, quad-core 65nm Tigerton will come along to replace Tulsa and

  • Intel Xeon UP Kentsfield SKUs

    There are 2 Kentsfield SKUs; X3220 and X3210 added to the Xeon UP Server space where the former is clocked at 2.4GHz and the latter at 2.13GHz. Both feature 1066MHz FSB and 2 x 4MB L2 cache. X3220 is similar to Q6600 for Kentsfield where both are clocked at 2.4GHz so there should be a

  • Intel Desktop CPUs Price Cut In Jan ’07

    Processor Model GHz/FSB/Cache Sep 24 Oct 22 Nov ’06 Jan ’07 Core 2 Extreme QX6700 2.66/1066/8MB     999   Core 2 Duo E4300 1.80/800/2MB 183      163 Pentium D 935 3.20/800/4MB 183     133 925 (no VT) 3.00/800/4MB 133     113 915 (no VT) 2.80/800/4MB 133  113   93 820 2.80/800/2MB