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  • OCZ PC2-6400 CrossFire Certified Modules

    OCZ today announced the second certified member of the new ATI CrossFire™ DDR2 series which delivers 800MHz speeds at 4-4-4 timings. The PC2-6400 CrossFire Certified modules now deliver gamers the performance and speed they require for their demanding computing environments. Approximating the newly released PC2-5400, the PC2-6400 modules feature an exclusive ATI special XTC (Xtreme

  • Sharkoon 2.5″ Mobile X-Changer

    Sharkoon is introducing a multi-functional housing for 2.5" IDE hard drives: the Sharkoon 2.5" Mobile X-Changer is sold together with a 3.5" docking station and 5.25" mounting frame. These accessories allow the sleek housing to be used as either a handy external 2.5" drive or — similar to a disk — as a flexible, removable

  • Scythe Infinity: Infinite Cooling Possibilities!

    Scythes are agricultural tools for harvesting produce with stalks. As a PC enthusiast, it symbolises the harvesting of extra overclocks and the weeding out of heat and noise that are detrimental to the computing experience. Will the Scythe Infinity do it’s uber-brother, the Ninja proud? Read on to find out!

  • Kinc Flexes ATi CrossFire Muscles

    Kinc of Nordic Hardware has put up a benchmark monster setup, consisting of a Cascade Cooled Intel Core 2 Duo X6800 running at 4.7GHz, and an ATi X1950XTX Master Card bundled with a X1900XTX running in CrossFire mode. The most impressive thing is that both cards are running different clockspeeds and the X1950XTX Master Card

  • Dual Intel CloverTown: 8 Cores on Single Setup

    wtfdc from the XtremeSystems Forums has ran some tests on a Dual Intel CloverTown 2.66 Ghz setup, utlizing an effective 8 cores on a single setup! Take a look at his Sisoft Sandra and 3D Mark 06 CPU Test scores! Very very impressive. To see more details, head on to his official thread here.

  • Intel Quad Core Boards To Arrive In Oct

    Intel and the first tier motherboard makers are getting ready to launch their quad core ready boards next month before the quad-core Kentsfield processor release towards end of this year. As we have mentioned earlier in May this year,  Intel has specially designed a board for their Kentsfield processor called the D975XBX2 (Bad Axe 2)

  • 3D Marking DFI’s Abandoned Baby: LP NF590 SLI

    We all know that the evil DFI has aborted her baby, the DFI LAN Party NF590 SLI Intel Motherboard. After nursing this bruised infant for a week now, and plastering her up with a prosthetic BIOS, she was up and benchmarking fiercely with the rage of an abandoned child…

  • TBreak’s Q&A with AMD: 65nm Opterons

    TBreak has a conducted a Q&A session with CPU Maker AMD’s General Manager in the Middle East & Africa region, Dr. Gaith Kadir. Acknowledging the shortage of sample availability for higher-end CPUs in the region during the recent AM2 launch, he said that AMD is working hard to allocate enough samples in the future to

  • WGT National Finals Full Coverage

    After successful rounds of preliminaries at SMU and Ngee Ann Poly which took place last month, the gamers who qualify from the universities, polytechnics, junior colleges and secondary schools are set to meet in the WGT National Finals taking place current at Funan DigitaLife Mall from 4th to 10th September 2006. Certainly the first 5

  • LukeXE’s Dual Stage Single Compressor CPU Cooler

    LukeXE from our forums has done up a really sweet looking single compressor – dual stage Cascade cooler for his CPU. Running Carbon Dioxide on the second stage, he pulls temperatures of around -85 degrees celcius! Remarkable feat for a home-brewed project this compact and tidy! Check out more details and pictures he posted here.

  • Transcend launches 8GB Hi-Speed Compact Flash

    Transcend Information has increased the capacity of its Ultra performance industrial type CF Memory Card to an incredible 8GB, currently the highest capacity industrial CF Card in the world. Transcend’s industrial type CF Memory Cards are thoroughly tested to comply with the most popular digital cameras, storage products and industrial devices. Transcend uses original SLC

  • Foxconn enters the graphics card business

    Reghardware has some juicy feeds on Foxconn’s entrance into the graphics card market. Foxconn is an enormous company that turned over $ 16bn in 2004 and, besides the motherboards and cases that it sells under its own name, it also OEMs a ton of kit. Look inside your PC and there is a very high

  • IBM Ships Chips For Nintendo Wii

    IBM today announced that the microprocessors that will serve as the digital heartbeat of Nintendo’s upcoming Wii™ video game console are being shipped from IBM’s state-of-the-art East Fishkill, N.Y., fabrication facility. Earlier this year, IBM and Nintendo signed a multi-year microchip production agreement to support the upcoming launch of Nintendo’s eagerly anticipated Wii video game

  • ATi Lowers Q4 Revenue Outlook

    ATI today announced that consolidated revenue for the fourth quarter of fiscal 2006 is currently expected to be approximately $ 520 million(1). This is below the low end of the revenue range provided on June 29, 2006, before the announcement of the acquisition agreement with AMD. The anticipated revenue shortfall is due primarily to lower

  • ASUS P5W64 WS Professional

    ASUS is proud to introduce the P5W64 WS Professional workstation-class motherboard, nicknamed the Wall Street Quartet. It supports the quad-PCI Express architecture, enabling a system to connect up to eight monitors. Based on the Intel 975X chipset and supporting the Intel Core2 CPU (and future multi-core CPUs), the P5W64 WS Professional provides powerful computing and

  • Biostar launches 3 new Video Cards

    Biostar introduces V7953GT52 (NVIDIA 7950GT with 512MB Memory), V7953GT22 (7950GT with 256MB) and V7903GS22 (7900GS with 256MB) PCI Express x16 graphics cards. The clock speeds were left at the reference speeds of 550MHz Core and 1400MHz Memory for the 7950GT models. 450MHz Core and 1320 MHz GDDR3 Memory for the 7900GS model.

  • KODE5 SEA Qualifiers Wrap Up

    KODE5 South East Asia Regional Qualifier has finally kicked off last month at Singapore leading IT center, Funan DigitaLife Mall where the top placing team of Counter-Strike 1.6 and top player of Warcraft III: Frozen Throne will represent South East Asia to compete against the best from other regions around the world.

  • NVIDIA 7900GS Review

    ATi made a dash for the high-end segment of the Video Card market with their recently announced ATi X1950XTX. NVIDIA did not exactly follow suit but just about 2 weks later, we are looking at and reviewing their latest addition to the GeForce 7 series family of Graphics Cards, the GeForce 7900GS- A Card built

  • Inno3D launches GF 7950GT & 7900GS

    InnoVISION today launches 2 high-end performance cards for High Definition gaming, Inno3D GeForceä 7950GT and 7900GS. Designed for extreme HD gaming that caters for realistic gaming experiences and resolutions up to 2560×1600. Inno3D GeForceä 7950GT is built with more memory for extreme HD gaming and a core clock of 550Mhz to power the frame rates.

  • Coolink presents Anti-Vibration Bolts

    It seems that there are still companies around that pay attention to the finer details. Coolink today presented its new Anti-Vibration Bolts that allow for a vibration-damped, tool-free installation of fans within the PC case. The Anti-Vibration Bolts are made of ultra-tearproof, extra-soft high quality silicone that ensures optimal dampening performance and durability. “Vibrations emitted