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  • Hunt for the Golden X6800

    It wasn’t easy… Days went by without news… My Agent finally contacted… 12 X6800 for us to hand-pick the Golden Chip that will overclock far above the rest. Only one day for this covet mission… caught on VIDEO. (You need a BT client like Azureus or BitComet to download this file. You might also require

  • Hunt for the Golden X6800

    It wasn’t easy… Days went by without news… My Agent finally contacted… 12 X6800 for us to hand-pick the Golden Chip that will overclock far above the rest. Only one day for this covet mission… caught on video…

  • Intel’s Upcoming Offerings for Mobile Platforms

    Some tidbits on Intel’s upcoming offerings on the mobile platform. It seems Merom based on the Santa Rosa Socket P platform will hit around 35w of TDP, with its models ranging from the T5500P at 1.66GHz to T7700 at 2.4GHz. Also some of the prices we can expect on the upcoming Merom CPUs on the

  • Interesting Stuff Upcoming From Intel

    It looks like Intel has some very interesting products in store for us, happening as early as end of this year. Of particular interest is the Kentsfield Extreme Edition Quad Core which will be clocked at 2.66GHz with 1066MHz FSB and launched in the last Quarter of 2006, at estmated retail price of USD$ 999.

  • Intel Core 2 Duo Voltage Boost

    The Core 2 Duos bring the joy back for the Intel Overclockers with their easy to handle heat and ample of overclock head-room. However, the overclocking capacity depends as much on the motherboards paired with them. Some of the enthusiasts on a tight budget are stuck with a limiting motherboard, particularly in the voltage department.

  • 7900GS Benchmark Results Leaked

    HardSpell has leaked some benchmarks of the upcoming NVIDIA 7900GS. If you look at the CPU Test Score, tests seemed to be ran on a slower single-core processor system.

  • NVIDIA’s Upcoming 7950GT & 7900GS

    IT.Com.CN has gotten some powerpoint slides with information on NVIDIA’s upcoming 7950GT and 7900GS. Targetted to launch in mid-September at USD$ 299, the 7950GT features a 550MHz core clock, 700MHz Memory clock, 512MB of graphics Memory, and the same single slot cooling soultion used on current 7900GTs. Slated to fight against ATi’s upcoming RV570, it

  • NVIDIA nForce Professional 3000 Series Chipsets

    NVIDIA today announced new additions to the Company’s family of NVIDIA nForce Professional core-logic solutions designed to offer enterprise customers a high-performance, scalable platform solution for professional servers and workstations. To date, NVIDIA nForce Professional MCPs have been selected to power a variety of server and workstation platforms from leading companies such as HP, IBM,

  • WGT kick-off at SMU, catch the Tech Babes here!

    Following the successful round of preliminaries at Ngee Ann Poly in July 2006, the second round of WGT preliminaries is scheduled to start at the Business Faculty of Singapore Management University (SMU) on the 22nd Aug 2006 and will last for three days until 24th Aug 2006. The preliminaries at SMU would be opened to

  • ASUS P5WDH Deluxe Testing

    We have ran some tests on a modified ASUS P5WDH Deluxe. Results are quite impressive. Take a look here.

  • The Gift From Hell…

    I opened up the mailbox today and found a Gift from Hell….

  • Tidbits on DFI’s Upcoming Motherboards

    Check out the upcoming DFI Motherboards, including Estimated dates, which are basically a shift from DDR1 chipsets over to DDR2. We will be receiving the DFI LAN Party nF590 SLI AM2 Motherboard in the coming week for testing!

  • Gigabyte GA-8I945GMMFY-RH

    As petroleum pricing continues to rocket into the invisible dimension of infinity, the price to pay for power is becoming ridiculous to behold. Thinking about jumping to a less power-consuming platform? The Gigabyte GA-8I945GMMFY-RH is here to save the day!

  • AMD to Drop ATi’s Brand Name?

    It looks like the acquisition just might be the death of ATI. At least as a brand name, that is. CustomPC had the chance to interview AMD’s Gareth Carter, who stated assuredly that after the deal is finished, “The new company will be called AMD.” Richard Baker, Marketing Manager for AMD in Northern Europe, also

  • ASUS & Gigabyte Tie Up, New Company Formed

    We saw a surprise announcement from ASUS and Gigabyte in a press conference that took place today in Taiwan where a new company is borned with a capital of NT$ 8B or US$ 244M. Gigabyte Channel Business Unit comprises of motherboards and graphics cards business is detached from Gigabyte and a new company is formed

  • Kingston Enters Personal Media Player Market with K-PEX

    Kingston Technology Company today announced its new line of Personal Media Players (PMPs). With its highly stylized design and ultra-slim form factor, K-PEX (Kingston Personal Entertainment eXperience) allows users to watch videos, listen to music, play video games and store/view photographs. The Kingston K-PEX is currently available in the North America, Latin America and Asia/Pacific

  • LGA Processor Heat Spreader Removal

    In our endless attempts to squeeze out the last MHz from our processors, some of us have resorted to removing the integrated heat spreaders on our processors in a bid to improve thermal efficiency, to garner that 2-3 degrees, and trade it for that final 10MHz. The LGA socket processors use a solder thermal interface

  • ASUS P5W DH Deluxe Simple Pencil Mods

    The ASUS P5W DH Deluxe is definitely a motherboard targeted at the enthusiasts. It looks good, performs well and offers quite a fair bit of overclocking features. Like a free-lance artist roaming the streets, I took my drawing pencil, this time round to the P5W DH.