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  • Kingston KHX6400D2LLK2/2GN EPP Memory Kit

    Kingston KHX6400D2LLK2/2GN Memory Kit is a 2x1GB DDR2 kit rated for PC2-6400 (800mhz) speeds. It is also programmed with NVIDIA’s new Enhanced Performance Profiles (EPP) and is marketed as “SLI-Ready”. Developed as an extension to the traditional Serial Presence Detect (SPD) found on today’s high performance DIMMS, Enhanced Performance Profiles allow memory manufacturers to integrate

  • Memory Extreme Italy Creates New 3D Mark 05 Record!

    Our Italian friends from MemoryExtreme has gathered 3 top overclockers- Max, Giampa and Giorgio primo together for a Liquid Nitrogen record smashing run with: Intel Core 2 Duo X6800 ASUS P5W-DH Deluxe 2 x 1024 Team Group Extreme PC6400 Sapphire X1900 Master & PowerColor X1900XTX PC Power & Cooling Turbocool 1000w They hit an insane

  • VR-Zone Toshiba Notebook Super Saver!!

    VR-Zone Toshiba Notebook Super Saver!! Promotion period: 4th August to 27th August 2006 2 Top-Notch Notebooks now made more affordable for everyone: Save SGD$ 400, Enjoy FREE gifts, FREE 1GB Memory upgrade & receive tickets to watch the AFC U-17 Championship Games with the promotional purchase of Toshiba Satellite M100-P341 & Toshiba Portege M500-P140. Hurry,

  • ASUS New Wireless & PDA products

    ASUS today introduced the WL-600g, the WL-500W and the MyPal A639 GPS PDA. The WL-600g is an all-in-one device that incorporates ADSL modem, wireless router and ftp printer server functions, while the WL-500W Super Speed N multifunctional wireless router adopts the latest 802.11n draft to deliver high-speed data transfer and unparalleled interoperability between n-draft devices.

  • Gigabyte GA 965P DS3 Core 2 Motherboard (Pencil Mods)

    It seems that just about everyone is mad about a Core 2 Duo. With that lust, it brings forth the search for a good motherboard which is an inevitable upgrade chore with the two main criteria being, Good and reasonably priced. I have to admit that I did not pay much attention to the Gigabyte

  • Lenovo Introduces ThinkCentre Desktop PCs with AMD Processors

    Lenovo today unveiled the ThinkCentre A60, the first worldwide ThinkCentre desktop personal computer featuring an AMD processor. With their new AMD-based offerings, Lenovo is expanding their range of flexible and innovative solutions available to customers through their ThinkCentre line. The A60 provides exceptional performance on the business applications that customers use most. From graphic design

  • New ASUS Chassis Series Provides Total Component Cooling Solution

    ASUS Technology Pte Ltd is proud to announce the TA-6 chassis series, which implemented a total component cooling concept and easy DIY installation designs. The stylish color schemes further guarantees a perfect match with people from all walks of life. The TA-6 Series is packed with features desired by any enthusiast. The rear and front

  • Shuttle XPC SN27P2: AMD AM2 @ Small Form

    It’s been a while since we’ve last taken a look at Shuttle’s SFF (Small Form Factor) XPC’s offering. The XPC’s still keeping up with the latest platforms, so shall we not look at Shuttle’s XPC SN27P2 based on the rather new AMD AM2 platform? No benchmark numbers but a tonne of sweet pictures to share

  • Coolaler’s New SuperPi World Record: 9.000 Seconds!

    Coolaler is breaking new SuperPi World Records every other day. His latest attack brought him down to 9.000 seconds in SuperPi 1M, less than a hair-line away from the 8 seconds frontier! Did it with Liquid Nitrogen Cooling on his Intel Core 2 Duo X6800 running at a jaw-dropping speed of 5526MHz, close to 2x

  • OCZ’s SOE Urban Elite Series High Performance DDR2 Memory

    OCZ Technology Group today announced the PC2-6400 SOE Urban Elite, a premium DDR2-800 part with ultra-low timings of 4-4-3. This exclusive gaming solution is part of the award winning OCZ Special Ops Edition (SOE) family and features an urban camouflage motif heatspreader. Gamers can now benefit from the performance of enhanced latencies and top quality

  • Creative ZEN Neeon 2

    Creative Announces ZEN Neeon 2 – The Sleek New MP3 Player for Music, Photos and Video. The Creative ZEN Neeon 2 will be available in August at a suggested retail price of SGD$ 199 (USD$ 124) for the 1GB model and SGD$ 269 (USD$ 165) for the 2GB model (available in black, silver, pink, blue

  • Toshiba TECRA M5 Corporate Notebook Review

    Tired of the lag times you face while rushing your project for work as you switch from task to task, window to window on your Notebook? A Dual Core processor Notebook will surely catch your eye then… you can be quite sure multi-tasking will be much smoother on such a Notebook These don’t come cheap,

  • Corsair Enters the Power Supply Market

    Corsair Memory, the worldwide leader in design and manufacture of high performance memory and cooling solutions, today announced the introduction of the Corsair HX Series power supply product line. The HX Series modular power supplies mark a new exciting first for Corsair. With the same focus on performance and reliability that has produced countless award-winning

  • 535MHz FSB Achieved on Gigabyte GA 965P DS3!

    My friend Kunaak from XtremeSystems has pushed a Gigabyte GA965P DS3 all the way to 535MHz FSB!! I’m thoroughly impressed and he shows that no extravagant cooling or mods were used…

  • Marvell New Regional HQ In Singapore

    Marvell, the current leader in storage, communications and consumer silicon solutions today held a groundbreaking ceremony for their 100,000 square feet, 7-storey regional headquarters in Singapore which is schedule to be completed by mid 2008. This building will host numerous facilities such as IC assembly and test operations, IC design teams, sales and technical support.

  • Forecast & Initial Analysis of G80 & R600

    NVIDIA’s approach corresponds to DirectX 10 more quickly than utilizing DirectX 10 to full, with the safe route it is taking with G80. Also NVIDIA, has applied for Unified-Shader-related patent and is advancing the development of Unified-Shader. Moving to a 65nm process, proper preparation has to be done. NVIDIA is just taking it slower and

  • Zalman Reserator 2 Review

    Zalman showcased their new, soon to arrive in market, watercooling kit Reserator 2 at the recent Comptex in Taipei 1 month ago. As usual the highlight of this watercooling kit from Zalman is golden silence. We have just received a sample of this, but you won’t be seeing a single fan inside so “fan” fans

  • The Greek god thunders – Zeus ST85ZF manifests!

    I loved the Silverstone Zeus ST75ZF I have been using for overclocking and review benchmarks for the past few months. But SilverStone- Taiwanese maker of Classy Cases spotting that “clean simple” look and Mythology named Power Supplies- has been silent for a while. Well the Zeus range just pulled upwards with the new flagship, ST85ZF

  • Boundless gaming – ATI CrossFire and Intel Core 2 Extreme from leading system integrators and OEMs

    ‘Boundless gaming’ comes home today as ATI Technologies announced that leading system integrators and OEMs from around the world are bringing to market the powerful combination of ATI’s Radeon X1900 CrossFire multi-GPU graphics and the Intel Core 2 Extreme processor. As the graphics solution most chosen for Intel Core 2 demo systems at Computex 2006,

  • NVIDIA SLI Platform Selected by Enthusiast PC Builders for Intel Core 2 Duo Launch

    NVIDIA Corporation today announced that many of the world’s leading system builders have elected to launch new enthusiast gaming Intel Core 2 Duo-based systems exclusively with NVIDIA SLI technology. The Intel Core 2 Duo processor combined with an NVIDIA nForce4 SLI X16 or NVIDIA nForce 590 SLI or 570 SLI-based motherboard and one, two, or