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  • ATi R520 Pricing Info

    ATI R520 Roadmap and Pricing Card Pipes Std Core Clock Std Memory MSRP X1800 XT 16 600MHz 700MHz 512MB GDDR3 $ 599 X1800 XL 16 550MHz 625MHz 512MB GDDR3 $ 499 X1800 Pro 16 500MHz 500MHz 256MB GDDR3 $ 449 X1800 LE 12 450MHz 450MHZ 256MB GDDR3 $ 349 Anandtech has some nice tibits on

  • PC Partner RS482MK9-A64S Board

    PC Partner Ltd is pleased to continue its ramp up of shipments on RS482MK9 ATI® Motherboard successively since its mass production started at middle of this year. PC Partner’s RS482MK9-A64S motherboard, supporting Athlon™64 CPU K8-Socket 939 platform, is a great, cost-effectiveness board perfectly target for system builders and OEM channels for the mass market. -

  • ASUS P5MT Board Review

    Today, we will be looking at one of their latest entry level server board; ASUS P5MT based on Mukilteo chipset supporting the Intel Dual Core processors suitable for rackmount and pedestal systems. It can double up as a workstation or high-end desktop board for enthusiasts and gamers as well with a presence of a PCIe

  • Intel CPU Die Cost Remains at $40

    Intel’s average manufacturing cost per die will remain constant at approximately $ 40 during the period 2003 to 2005, despite increasing die sizes and rising cost of fabs, mask sets, according to In-Stat. Intel currently has three 90-nm capable fabs, and will have four 65-nm fabs, including one retro fit and one 90-nm conversion, ramping

  • Intel Celeron D Takes New G-1 Stepping

    Desktop Intel® Celeron® processors in FC-LGA4 (socket-LGA775) package on 90 nm process will undergo the following changes to the G-1 core processor stepping: • The CPU ID will change from 0XF41 to 0XF49 (Updated Bios required) • No impact anticipated to existing platforms 845, 865 and 852 & 9xx family • New S-Specs for affected

  • Creative Zen Vision Portable Media Player

    We were fortunate enough to be able to lay our hands on the new Portable Media Player, Creative Zen Vision made by world reknown sound card manufacturer Creative Technology. Catacombs shares his “Zen” experience with us!

  • VR-Zone September SMC Promo

    For the month of September, VR-Zone, together with SMC and DAT, is throwing an exclusive special promotion on many of SMC’s latest networking products.   Check out the great bargains here!

  • ATi Radeon X1800 XL Performance

    Model ATI Radeon X850 XT PE ATI Radeon X1800 XL GPU R480 R520 Process Technology 130nm 90nm GPU Speed 540MHz 500MHz Memory 256MB 256MB Memory Speed 1180MHz 1000MHz Pixel Pipelines 16 16 We got hold of some performance figures of the Radeon X1800 XL and using the beta Catalyst 8.172 drivers, it outperforms the Radeon

  • Chaintech V945P Board

    Chaintech today announced it is shipping the Zenith VE V945P, a mainstream Intel-based motherboard with many advanced features for homes, gaming/entertainment systems and business. The new ATX form factor board is based on the Intel 945P chipset with the Intel ICH7 Southbridge, and supports Intel’s new Pentium D dual core Socket 775 processors as well

  • VR-Zone Overclocking Competition at World Cyber Games 2005

    On the first day of the World Cyber Games National Finals in Singapore, VR-Zone held an overclocking competition as a side attraction at this national event. A total of 10 teams came down to participate to vie for the title of the best overclocker. Check out the excitment!

  • ATi R520 Slated For Oct 5th Launch

    Many AIB partners have received the ATi Radeon X1800XL (R520XL) card samples last Friday and the die size seems to be larger than the R520 sample we received previously. The die size is enlarged from 18.2cm x 19cm to 19.3cm x 19cm so ATi has re-taped the core and added some features unknown to us

  • TwinMOS September 2005 Promo!

    TwinMOS has offered some nice promotions for VR-Zone members for the month of September! Below are the promos and the savings you can enjoy if you are a ClubVR member : Promos Items TwinMOS Web Promo Price Special Price for VR-Zone members Mobile Music Disk MMD 318S MP3 Player 512MB S$ 139 S$ 129 Mobile

  • ATi X800 GTO & GTO² On Sep 16

    ATi plans to launch X800 GTO equipped with 12 pipelines and clocked at 400MHz on Sept 16 to fight against GeForce 6800XT. There are two versions of the card; 128MB DDR1 running at 350Mhz and 256MB GDDR3 running at 490Mhz. The cores used on the X800 GTO are either R420 for the AGP or R423/480

  • ATi X1800 (R520) Series Info

    Radeon X1800 (R520) Series ▪ X1800 XT Crossfire Edition : 24 pipelines, 10vs, 650MHz core, 1400MHz memory, Composition Engine ▪ X1800 XT : 24 pipelines, 10vs, 650MHz core, 1400MHz memory ▪ X1800 Pro : 16 pipelines, 550MHz core, 1250MHz memory ▪ X1800 XL : 16 pipelines, 500MHz core, 1000MHz memory ▪ X1800 LE : 12

  • Intel Yonah CPUs Prices

    Processors Series Frequency Bus L2 Cache Price (Jan ’06) Yonah DC X50 2.16 667 2MB $ 639 Yonah DC X40 2.0 667 2MB $ 422 Yonah DC X30 1.83 667 2MB $ 295 Yonah DC X20 1.66 667 2MB $ 241 Yonah SC 756 1.66 667 2MB $ 209 Yonah LV DC X48 1.66 667

  • Intel Plans CPU Price Cut In Jan 2006

    Intel will cut prices for its Pentium D 8xx and Celeron processors in January 2006, when its new 65nm dual-core CPU lines, the Pentium D9 and Pentium 4 6xx series, are expected to hit the market. Unit prices of Intel’s Celeron series will be lowered 5.5-13.6%, while price cuts on its Pentium D 8xx/6xx series,

  • Samsung SpinPoint P120 SATA2 Series

    Samsung introduces four new hard disk drives with increased storage capacity to its award winning family. The new SpinPoint P120 Series hard drives include both Serial ATA with 3.0GB per second (Gbps) and Parallel ATA versions and are available with either a 200GB or a 250GB capacity. All four new drives are currently shipping. Each

  • Sparkle GeForce 6500

    SPARKLE has launched GeForce 6500 with peerless performance and dazzling graphics. It is specifically designed to satisfy gamers who are looking for an entry-level graphics card with top notch performance. SPARKLE GeForce 6500 supports Microsoft® DirectX® 9.0 and Shader Model 3.0 and provides realistic graphics, flexible applications and excellent stability for uncompromising graphics and spectacular performance.

  • Mounting the Vapochill LS onto a 7800GTX

    Getting commercial “off-the-shelf ” phase-change coolers for the graphics cards is not easy. Without phase-change building skills, one way would be to convert existing CPU phase-change coolers. Our forum member Fatboy shares with us how he converted his Asetek Vapochill LS into a 7800GTX Cooler.

  • Silverstone SG-01 review

    VR-Zone brings you an indepth review of the Silverstone SG-01, the SFF-like Cube case that accepts a micro atx mainboard.