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  • More Word 2007 Features: Blogging Hooks

    Microsoft is hip to the latest trends on the Internet, and blogging will be a part of the user experience with Office 2007. Joe Friend, lead program manager for Word 2007, discussed in his blog that Word 2007 will offer blog authoring and publishing.

  • ASUS M2N32SLI Deluxe nForce 590 Mobo

    The nForce 590 is one of the most anticipated chipsets for AM2. As usual, Asus has been the first few to have it piping hot from the oven (ok or rather the SMD reflux station) and has the scoop. See the exclusive preview that is simply so new that Parental Geek company is advised.

  • GeForce 7600 AGP Series In Mid July

    7600GT-AGP : 560MHz Core / 700MHz memory, 12 pipes, available in 256MB/128bit DDR3 memory interface, 3080 in 3DMark06 7600GS-AGP : 400MHz Core / 400MHz memory, 12 pipes, available in 256MB/128bit DDR2 memory interface, 2117 in 3DMark06

  • ECS P965-A Exposed!

    Our friends at HKEPC have gotten their hands on a piece of ECS P965-A. It runs on the Intel P965 “BroadWater P” chipset, ICH8R southbridge and the VRM11 layout on the Vcore regulation supports upcoming Conroe CPUs. 16x + 4x PCIe lanes will support ATi Crossfire Dual CPU topology. Lot’s more details translated, just click!

  • Universal Abit First Out the Door With HDMI Motherboard

    DailyTech just got word from Universal Abit that the company is on its way to unveil the first HDMI certified motherboard. The motherboard, dubbed Abit IL-80MV, is a 945GT motherboard designed specifically for Yonah (and eventually Merom).

  • Dell Silently Fixes Its 3007WFP 30-inch LCD

    Dell has a new revision of its 3007WFP, called A01. Comparing both the A00 and A01 units can confirm that the new A01 unit significantly improves backlight uniformity. The severe hotspots that were noticeable on A00 units are now gone with the A01 unit.

  • Digital-Tigers Multi-Monitor Revolution

    Digital-Tigers test hundreds of different components and offer only the industry’s top-of-the-line, professional-grade LCD and computer graphics technology. They integrate it all with their exclusive Zenview Manager software that fully extends Microsoft Windows for multiple monitors. Take look at some of their top notch stuff here.

  • Voltage Modification For Inno3D 7600GS (P345 PCB)

    Based around the NVIDIA G73 GPU built on 90 nm process, the Inno3D 7600GS promised much headroom for overclocking. Most 7600GS hits a wall early at around 470MHz Core. This is largely a cap due to limited voltage so we tweaked the voltage up and saw a massive clock increase from 470MHz to 720MHz! That

  • Sony to ship 50GB Blu-ray recordables in June

    Sony will ship blank dual-layer Blu-ray Disc media in June, the consumer electronics giant said today. But anyone hoping the arrival of 50GB discs will prove more economical than the now-shipping 25GB, single-layer discs is going to be disappointed. At US$ 48 and US$ 60, the 50GB BD-R and BD-RE media are 140 per cent

  • Acer Announces TravelMate 3020 Notebook

    Hot on the heals of news that Acer has been making some large gains in the notebook sector, the company has announced a follow-up to their TravelMate 3010 series of notebooks. Unfortunately, the TravelMate 3020 adds no real substance to the mix, just a different paint job — white versus silver and black.

  • Interview with Benson Lin, ASUS APAC Business President

    During a recent ASUS HQ opening here in Singapore, VR-Zone has the opportunity to talk to Benson Lin, the President of APAC Business to learn about the directions and plans of ASUS here in APAC as well as some upcoming interesting product lines we can look out for.

  • A4Tech X-750F Laser Gaming Mouse

    A4Tech brings us the X-750F, a gaming mouse which packs in a whopping 2500dpi laser sensor. How does it compare to better known brands?

  • Cypress New Universal Clock Gen

    Cypress introduced the industry’s first personal computer motherboard clock generator that supports multiple processors and chipsets. Cypress’s new Universal Clock Generator supplies timing signals for both Intel® P4 processors and AMD K8 and next-generation processors, along with multiple chipsets from Intel, VIA, and SiS. Users can choose the processor and chipset to support through pin

  • ATI and Nokia announce strategic relationship

    ATI Technologies and Nokia today announced a long-term strategic relationship to bring enhanced mobile multimedia experiences to Nokia customers. As leaders in their respective industries, ATI and Nokia are now working closely together to drive high quality multimedia experiences such as music playback, 3D gaming, mobile TV, video and more for Nokia mobile device users

  • LG Electronics Launches Full HD LCD TV With 250GB HD

    LG Electronics, a leader in LCD TVs and monitors, announced a line of flat-panel LCD TVs with built-in DVR functionality, upgraded hard drive capacities and more. LG Electronics’ previous line of high definition LCD TVs also featured a hard disk drive based DVR system with a capacity of 160GB. This year’s models will feature an

  • Super Firmware Released for the iPod

    CNET has posted its thoughts on Rockbox, an open source firmware replacement. Rockbox supports a variety of different players from Archos, iRiver, Apple, and iAudio. The firmware is updated on a daily basis and developed by everyday users of the devices. The CNET article looks at the Rockbox iPod firmware particularly. While the menus aren’t

  • ASUS Introduces WL-500g Premium Router

    ASUSTeK Computer Inc. has introduced the WL-500g Premium wireless router, which includes features for convenient downloads and file storage, faster data transfer, broader coverage and smooth media streaming. The included ASUS Download Master technology features several innovations to simplify the download process. The WL-500g Premium 802.11g router can be transformed into a wireless storage center

  • AMD Quad Core CPUs Roadmap

    Models 2006 – H1 2007 H2 2007 H1 2008 H2 2008 DP/MP Server & Workstation Santa Rosa (90nm, Socket F, Dual Core, 2 x 1MB L2, DDR2 667 ECC, AMD-v, Memory RAS) Deerhound (65nm, Socket F, Quad Core, Shared L2, DDR2 ECC, Memory RAS, AV)   Zamora (45nm, Quad Core, Shared L3, FB-DIMM, HyperTransport 3.0)

  • ATI Acquires Bitboys Mobile Technology

    ATI has acquired privately held Bitboys Oy, a 15-year veteran of the graphics industry for up to EUR 35.2 million (about US$ 44 million). The final value is subject to certain performance-related conditions. Bitboys brings valuable engineering experience, technology and customer relationships that enhance ATI’s existing mobile phone multimedia offerings. Based in Finland, the Bitboys

  • Intel Quietly Begins to Sell Intel Pentium D 960 Processor

    Intel Corp. has quietly started to sell its Pentium D processor, an anticipated update for the Pentium D family that brings higher performance for the performance-mainstream desktops powered by Intel’s chips. It is interesting to note that Intel had not formally announced the Pentium D 960 processor, nor another high-performance chip – the Pentium 965