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  • ATI Acquires Bitboys Mobile Technology

    ATI has acquired privately held Bitboys Oy, a 15-year veteran of the graphics industry for up to EUR 35.2 million (about US$ 44 million). The final value is subject to certain performance-related conditions. Bitboys brings valuable engineering experience, technology and customer relationships that enhance ATI’s existing mobile phone multimedia offerings. Based in Finland, the Bitboys

  • Intel Quietly Begins to Sell Intel Pentium D 960 Processor

    Intel Corp. has quietly started to sell its Pentium D processor, an anticipated update for the Pentium D family that brings higher performance for the performance-mainstream desktops powered by Intel’s chips. It is interesting to note that Intel had not formally announced the Pentium D 960 processor, nor another high-performance chip – the Pentium 965

  • Intel: 90% of Cores to be Duo by year end

    Intel will begin producing more dual-core chips than single-core parts this quarter, the chip giant has revealed. Indeed, by the end of 2006, 90 per cent of the mobile CPUs it produces will be dual-core chips, rather more than the company previously forecast.

  • Nvidia serves up free Gelato

    Nvidia has opened its Gelato 3D rendering software to all, releasing a free-of-charge version of the once high-end only application that will run on any Nvidia GPU from the GeForce 5200 upwards.

  • Apple Tight Lipped About Upcoming Servers

    Despite Apple’s transition to Intel processors, a lot of questions are rising about Apple’s line of servers. Since their introduction, Apple’s servers have not been well embraced by the business community. In fact, some analysts say that Apple’s sales of its Xservers account for only 1% of the company’s total revenue. Despite this, Apple continues

  • Ronaldinho Becomes Lenovo Brand Ambassador

    Lenovo Group Limited today announced that Ronaldo de Assis Moreira, otherwise known as Ronaldinho Gaúcho, has been named a Lenovo Worldwide Brand Ambassador. Ronaldinho, the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) World Player of the Year for two years running, currently plays for Barcelona and the Brazilian national team and is expected to play a

  • XpertVision 7600GT Sonic Voltage Mods

    The XpertVision 7600GT Sonic we reviewed just a short while ago is one of the most unique 7600GT in ther market, not just because of it’s higher than reference clock speeds, but more so because it is one of the very few 7600GT not based on a reference PCB design. Since it uses a different

  • SLI running with ATi & Intel Yonah Motherboards

    Apparently, mod patches have been circulating around, under-table, to enable users to run SLI unofficially on Intel chipset motherboards, and even ATi chipset motherboards, such as the DFI CFX3200 DR based on the ATi RD580 chipset. Pictures courtesy of Coolaler Cross Comparisions at Coolaler with FX60 at 3GHz against Intel Yonah T2600 at 3.2GHz showed

  • Inno3D launches ‘Z’ Series of 7600GT & 7900GT

    Inno3D has officially launched it’s ‘Z’ series of 7900GT and 7600GT Graphics Cards. These cards come pre-fitted with Zalman Flower-shaped coolers. The Inno3D 7600GT-Z comes clocked at a higher clock speed than the normal 7600GT, with 590/1480MHz compared to the reference clock speed of 560/1400MHz. The 7900GT-Z is clocked at 520/1480MHz compared to the reference

  • Gigabyte GA-8I945GMH-RH

    The Gigabyte GA-8I945GMH-RH, based on the Intel 945 chipset, markets itself through a flashy glittery packaging, blasting the Intel ‘VIIV’ convention loudly on it’s box. ‘Create, Share, Enjoy’ is the mantra chanted by Gigabyte… let’s see how well this mini-ATX board does each of these.

  • Gigabyte goes Mobile with New Phones & Notebooks

    Taiwanese component manufacturer Gigabyte is preparing to enter the region’s mobile phone market. This announcement was made at Gigabyte’s 20th anniversary event in Dubai, which took place yesterday. Speaking at the event, Mohammad Bahrololoum, product director at Golden Systems Electronics (Gigabyte’s exclusive distributor here) said: “Gigabyte will enter the highly competitive mobile phone market with

  • Some single-core Opterons have heat-related problems

    It is reported that AMD is trying to track down as many as 3,000 Opteron processors which could experience erratic behavior under high-temperature conditions. Processors affected include a number of single-core Opteron processors manufactured within the past six months. The chips were shown to experience higher than normal core temperatures when running in a high

  • Sim Lim Square Walkabout 29th April

    What’s happening this week at our favourite IT Mall? A new shop, new promotions and free gifts abundant… all featured in this week’s issue of the VR-Zone SLS Walkabout!

  • KODE5: Taiwan’s Top Gamers Set to Collide at Computex 2006

    Hot on the heels of the KODE5 Germany announcement comes the latest exciting event to join the KODE5 Global Gaming Revolution. KODE5 Taiwan, in cooperation with Aztec Internet Cafe, invites gamers to participate in a series of online qualifiers for Counter-Strike 1.6, Quake 4, and Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne. The final four teams and

  • DigiLife All-in-One DDV-C330 Camcorder

    The world is evolving and we have seen so many improvements in technology in the past year. From the era of bulky and heavy cameras to sleek slim cameras. Now we even have cameras with built-in video capture mode plus MP3 player functions. This week, we bring to you one of these devices which come

  • Sound Card In USB Cable

    SoundTech today the release of LightSnake, an intelligent instrument-to-PC cable with embedded analog to digital converter and signal booster. The LightSnake USB’s unique design enables anyone to plug their guitar, bass, keyboard or other electronic instrument directly into a PC eliminating the hassle, clutter and learning curve associated with high-quality digital recording. It will begin

  • OCZ GameXStream 600/700W PSU

    OCZ today announced the launch of the extremely powerful GameXStream Power Supplies—a new line of PSUs for performance-minded gamers. The OCZ GameXStream features active PFC (Power Factor Correction) to effectively regulate input voltage and provide superior operation in a wider range of environments and countries with varying voltages. The high-efficiency 600W and 700W GameXStreams feature

  • Adobe 3rd National e-card Competition

    The 3rd National e-card Competition 2006 is now on! Organised by River Valley Primary School and Crescent Girls’ School, with the support of Adobe, The Singapore Tourism Board, ITX Solutions Pte Ltd and ASKnLearn Pte Ltd, this competition aims to promote Singapore as a unique tourist destination. Open to all primary and secondary school students

  • AMD Gains Server Market Share

    AMD has seen an increase in its overall x86 server processor market share. According to a recently released report from Mercury Research, AMD’s first-quarter market share growth reflected substantial gains in the x86 server market and now represents 22.1 percent, a 26-percent increase over AMD’s share in the fourth quarter of 2005 and a 254-percent

  • ATI introduces complete line of FireGL Workstation Cards

    ATI’s Avivo™ technology powers new family of high performance FireGL products for DCC, CAD and visualization customers. ATI Technologies announced today a complete top-to-bottom line of next generation FireGL™ workstation graphics accelerators for professional users. The new family of products range from an ultra high-end one gigabyte configuration to 128MB model, and are all based