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  • Samsung To Launch Origami PC in May

    Samsung Electronics announced on Thursday that it is planning to put its ultra mobile PC(UMPC) Q1 model, on worldwide sale in May. Samsung’s Q1 is based on the Origami platform developed by Microsoft and Intel. It has a 7-inch LCD (liquid crystal display) monitor with 22.7/13.9/2.6 cm dimensions and weighs 779 grams. The Q1 is

  • Scythe Mi-ne Multi-Socketed Heatsink Review

    After a long hiatus from some consumer cooling products, VR-Zone brings you some insights on a particular heatsink from Scythe, the Scythe Mine. How would the Mine match up to the Scythe Ninja, which took the consumer PC cooling market by storm a few months back? We shall see in this very review.

  • Sharp makes first true VGA mobile

    What is claimed to be the world’s first true VGA (480 x 640 pixels) phone is now available from Vodafone KK in Japan. The 904SH is made for Vodafone by Sharp. By contrast, the best colour screen handsets have previously only boasted QVGA (Quarter VGA). The 904SH has a screen with four times better resolution

  • Matrox New TripleHead2Go enhances Surround Gaming

    Building on the momentum of the award-winning DualHead2Go, the new TripleHead2Go is a palm-sized box which uniquely allows you to add three 19″ monitors with a combined resolution of up to 3840×1024 and an incredible 45″ of total diagonal to many workstations, gaming systems and laptops – even if those systems only support a single

  • Samsung Announces 3D Chip Packaging Technology

    Samsung just announced a new method to pack more memory into small spaces — three-dimensional chip packaging. The technique works by adding “through silicon” interconnects on the memory module and then daisy chaining multiple modules through the interconnects. Samsung has dubbed this new technology “wafer-level stack process” or WSP.

  • Fujitsu to Launch PC/TV Hybrid With Blu-ray in This Month

    Fujitsu launched the Deskpower TX PC/TV hybrid system in Asian markets back in November of 2005 which boasted full media center capabilities built right into the 32-inch LCD TV. That model featured a Pentium 4 3GHz CPU, 512MB of DDR2 memory, 600GBof hard drive space, a DVD writer, multi-format memory card reader, 10/100 Ethernet. The

  • Samsung Applies for Virtual Screen Patent

    Samsung has just applied for a patent on a virtual screen technology, according to, for mobile phones which is an innovative version a PDA screen. The Virtual Display technology is a combination of multiple components which work together to take written text and transform it into an electronic form of text.

  • Good Friday Walkabout @ Sim Lim Square

    The public holiday Good Friday spells a long weekend for many… this is a great time to take a break from the stress at work and in school. It is also a great chance for many to do shopping at Singapore’s popular IT Mall Sim Lim Square. Enjoy a good read on this Easter Sunday

  • Intel Demos 2GHz Quad-Core Server Chips

    Intel Corp., the world’s largest chipmaker, showcased at its developer forum in Taipei, Taiwan its forthcoming Quad-Core processor for servers. Public demonstration of the server chip that is expected to be launched in less than a year should emphasize readiness of the design. Picture courtesy of HKEPC The prototype of the code-named Clovertown server processor

  • Sony may decrease PlayStation 2 Pricing

    Sony Corp., the world’s leading maker of gaming consoles and consumer electronics, is projected to decrease pricing of its PlayStation 2 machines in a bid to be more competitive on the market and spur higher demand for the existing game machines. “Our industry checks indicate that Sony is planning to cut the PS2 price to

  • NVIDIA ForceWare 84.25 x64 Edition released

    New NVIDIA video driver for Windows XP Professional x64 Edition is now available for download. Release Highlights – General compatibility fixes – Adds support for GeForce 7900 GTX, GeForce 7900 GT, GeForce 7600 GT, GeForce 7300 LE, and GeForce 7300 GS – New NVIDIA PureVideo features and enhancements. Please visit the NVIDIA PureVideo website for

  • Kingston Launches Fully Buffered DIMM Memory Modules

    Kingston Technology Company, the independent worldwide leader in memory products, today announced the release of its new line of Fully Buffered DIMM memory modules (FB-DIMM). As the leading independent manufacturer of memory modules, Kingston made an early and strategic decision to commit major resources to support next generation memory technology like FB-DIMM thus becoming a

  • Google Opens Calendar Beta

    Google has opened up yet another beta program. This time, the company is showcasing its Calendar service. Google Calendar is fully integrated with GMail and can even recognize dates from email messages and add them to your calendar. Google Calendar features the ability to share calendar information with family and friends, integrated search, mobile access

  • Fake Memory Results

    Some discoveries have been made about the ease of faking memory overclock results. If you are buying Memory in Forums, or on e-bay and are basing your purchase on overclocking results then you may want to read this. Apparently, some Beta BIOS contain a new option “odd divisor correct”. When enabled, this rounds the memory

  • OCZ Ultra-Slim Mini-Kart USB Flash Drives

    OCZ today announced the second addition to their reputable flash product line—the OCZ Mini-Kart USB 2.0 Flash Drive series. The ultra-slim design of the Mini-Kart makes data storage and transferring easier and more portable than ever. The OCZ Mini-Kart Flash Drive series will be available in 512MB, 1GB, and 2GB capacities so users can choose

  • SingTel World’s First to Offer BlackBerry Connect for Palm Treo 650

    SingTel, Palm, Inc. and Research In Motion today announced the first availability of BlackBerry® ConnectTM for the Palm® TreoTM 650 smartphone. With BlackBerry Connect, SingTel customers now have a wider choice of devices that support the robust and secure BlackBerry services and a wider choice of wireless email solutions that support the feature-rich Treo 650.

  • KODE5 Germany First Regional Qualifier

    KODE5 is announcing KODE5 Germany as its first Regional Qualifier. In co-operation with Freaks 4U, KODE5 Germany will consist of a series of on- and off-line tournaments taking place over a period of seven weeks to determine who will represent Germany in the KODE5 Global Finals. Supported globally by Foxconn and Corsair, and supported regionally

  • Lite-On To Take Over BenQ Optical Storage Manufacturing

    BenQ’s last batch of optical storage products, specifically DVD writers, were rated at the top of the charts in performance under the manufacturing processes of the company. However, a recent announcement states another leader in optical disk manufacturing has offered to take over the manufacturing process. Lite-On, (in)famous for manufacturing optical disc drives for others

  • Gaming Dollars and Sense

    The foundation of a great-performing PC is very often built upon the gaming performance of it. There is little fallancy in that approach since games are the major final hurdle for just about any PC. If a PC makes the mark for this area, it will probably handle just about any form of usage well

  • Gaming Dollars & Sense

    The foundation of a great-performing PC is very often built upon the gaming performance of it. There is little fallancy in that approach since games are the major final hurdle for just about any PC. If a PC makes the mark for this area, it will probably handle just about any form of usage well