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  • Gaming Dollars and Sense

    The foundation of a great-performing PC is very often built upon the gaming performance of it. There is little fallancy in that approach since games are the major final hurdle for just about any PC. If a PC makes the mark for this area, it will probably handle just about any form of usage well

  • Gaming Dollars & Sense

    The foundation of a great-performing PC is very often built upon the gaming performance of it. There is little fallancy in that approach since games are the major final hurdle for just about any PC. If a PC makes the mark for this area, it will probably handle just about any form of usage well

  • ‘Yonah’ Celeron M 420, 430 ship in Japan

    Intel’s as-yet-unannounced Celeron M 4xx series – the first budget-priced processors derived from the chip maker’s ‘Yonah’ core – have gone on sale in Japan, according to local news sources.

  • Intel to boost chipset production, bank claims

    Intel is set to stop shipping motherboards based on third-party chipsets, or at the very least significantly reduce its dependancy on other companies’ products, investment bank Friedman Billings, Ramsey Group (FBRG) has claimed.

  • ATI R600 Details Revealed

    After convincingly taking away the performance crown from NVIDIA, ATI seems to be on a roll. The R580 was a smashing hit, but the R600 seems to be even more stunning. If our sources are to be believed, then the specifications sheet for the R600 will look something like this: 1. Unified shader architecture. 2.

  • AMD adjusts prices for Desktop/Server Processors, announces Opteron 256/856

    AMD has been facing a shortage of Opteron processors recently, and have decided to jack up prices. Athlon 64s and Athlon 64 X2 processor prices were raised slightly as well. No exact figures has been provided yet for the Opterons, wheras Athlon 64 and 64 X2 processors are expected to see an increase between USD$

  • Fujitsu Develops “Teflon” for Hard Disk Platters

    Fujitsu Laboratories, Inc. has been working on ways to improve hard drive technology with the end result of increased and stabilized platter densities. One of Fujitsu Lab’s works in progress is to increase the thickness of the lubricant layer on hard disk media (PDF, March 2005). Fujitsu claims this is just one more step on

  • Toshiba claims world’s first notebook with HD DVD-ROM drive

    Toshiba today continued its roll out of HD DVD products with the launch in Japan of the world’s first notebook offering an HD DVD-ROM drive. The Qosmio G30/697HS will be available in the Japan market in mid-May, as the latest product in the company’s line-up of AV notebooks. Along with playback of HD DVD content,

  • ATI SB600 southbridge to arrive in May

    Billy Wang, vice president for Asia Pacific and China at ATI Technologies, stated yesterday that the company’s new SB600 southbridge chip will be introduced in May. Wang was responding to recent speculation that ULi Electronics may no longer provide southbridges for ATI-based motherboard platforms, following its acquisition by ATI-rival Nvidia.

  • Interview with Singapore’s Top Gaming Clan X3M

    Singapore Top Gaming Clan X3M has been in the local Gaming scene for many years now. Throughout the years, the Clan has grown in fame and recognition. We took the chance to conduct an interview with one of the Clan’s key person, Kelvin, also known as Demonlism, the leader of X3M. VR-Zone goes behind the

  • Presler 965XE tested at

    HKEPC, a renowned Hong Kong Hardware enthusiast site has just taken the Intel Pentium 965XE for a test drive, the results returned isn’t optimal and the CPU still loses out the FX-60 a fair bit, especially in gaming related benchmarks. do take a look here for more details.

  • Chipset makers to roll out products supporting DDR2-800

    Silicon Integrated Systems (SiS), VIA Technologies, Nvidia and ATI Technologies will introduce chipsets supporting DDR2-800 starting in the first half of 2006, according to the Chinese-language Commercial Times.

  • Sim Lim Square Walkabout 9th April 2006

    Monday… and we’re back at our desk jobs with the lingering after-taste of an unfulfilled weekend. Unfulfilled because we’ve not had our weekly dosage of VR-Zone’s Sim Lim Square Walkabout. Well no more monday blue excuses to throw now, because we’re back to haunt and tempt you… resistance is futile!

  • Maxtor Cuts Jobs and Prepares for Seagate Takeover

    Despite growth in the storage industry, jobs and locations will always be expendable — this is just the nature of business. Maxtor announced that it will be cutting roughly 900 jobs in its Singapore location. The company blames the job cuts on net losses amounting up to $ 104 million over the last fiscal year.

  • Komag Extends Media Deal With Hitachi GST

    Komag, a key ingredient to Hitachi’s hard disk drive success, has announced an agreement with Hitachi GST to supply 3.5-inch hard disk drive media under a five year growth plan. Komag has been a media supplier for Hitachi GST hard disks for several years already. From the looks of it, Hitachi has not made such

  • ASUS N4L-VM DH mATX Motherboard

    The ASUS N4L-VM DH Motherboard is one of the few desktop motherboards that support Intel Core Duo, which are primarily designed and produced for the mobile market(ie: laptops). It comes in a mini-ATX package and several key features make it a board many would consider when building a Home Theatre PC. Or even a central

  • OCZ PC2-5400 EL Platinum Edition XTC

    OCZ launched the PC2-5400 Platinum XTC Series with enhanced latency. By integrating 3-3-3 timings, these next generation DDR2-667 solutions are the fastest available in the PC2-5400 speed-grade. The demand for high performance DDR2 continues to mount due to the interdependence of several existing Intel platforms and the impending arrival of the new AMD and Intel

  • DFI LAN Party CFX3200 DR Motherboard Sneak Preview

    We have just received a review sample of the DFI LAN Party CFX3200-DR Motherboard based on the ATi Cross-Fire Xpress 3200 chipset. It looks very similar to the RDX200 motherboard we reviewed a while back. However, notice the diagnostic LED Code panel at the bottom left of the motherboard. This is the first LAN Party

  • SMC Unveils Skype Wi-Fi Phone

    SMC is among the first to launch a PC independent VoIP device that uses the popular Skype software for making high quality, free or low-cost calling options, the SMC WSKP100 Skype Wi-Fi phone. The SMC WSKP100 Skype Wi-Fi phone is compatible with most standard 802.11b/g access points and provides constant connectivity without slowing down network

  • GeForce Go 7900 GTX Soon

     Market Segment Q1 2006 Q2 2006 High End GeForce Go 7800 GTX (G70M) GeForce Go 7800 (G70M) GeForce Go 7900 GS (G71M) GeForce Go 7900 GTX (G71M-Ultra) Mainstream GeForce Go 7600 (G73M) Value GeForce Go 7400 (G72M) GeForce 7300 (G72M) We heard that NVIDIA is preparing the highest performing flagship GeForce Go 7900 GTX for