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  • ATi Overclocking Policy

  • Upcoming Pentium D CPUs Price Cut

    Series Model No. Speed Now 23 Apr 30 Apr Q3’06 Pentium D (800 FSB, 2x2MB L2) 960 3.6GHz     $ 530   950 3.4GHz $ 637 $ 316     940 3.2GHz $ 423 $ 241     930 3.0GHz $ 316 $ 209     925 (no VT) 3.0GHz       $

  • 3GHz Opteron 256/856 On Apr 4th

    AMD will launch Opteron 256 and Opteron 856 on April 4th with clock speed reaching 3GHz. It will be Socket 940 based, support 1MB L2 cache, 1GHz HT, Dual Channel Registered DDR400, 95W TDP. AMD will continue supporting Socket 940 Opteron by releasing Dual-core Opteron 285 and 885 at 2.6GHz in June and Opteron 290/890

  • ATi R560 & RV570 Info

    Market Segment Q1 ’06 Q2 ’06 Q3 ’06 Enthusiast R580 (90nm) X1900 XTX : 16PP/48PS/8VS, 650/775MHz X1900 XT : 16PP/48PS/8VS, 625/725MHz R580 (90nm) X1900 XL : 16PP/48PS/8VS, 500+/600+MHz? R520 (90nm) X1800 GTO : 12PP/12PS/6VS, 500/500MHz   Performance     RV570 (80nm) RV570XT/XL : 12PP/36PS/6VS RV560 (80nm) 8PP/24PS/4VS Mainstream   RV535 – 80nm   Value  

  • WD Unveils Passport Pocket Drive 6 GB

    Western Digital Corp. today introduced a miniature digital storage device that holds as many as five two-hour feature-length movies1, 1,700 digital photos2, 1,500 songs3 or thousands of documents, enabling consumers to effortlessly take their digital library wherever they go. The new USB 2.0 WD Passport™ Pocket Drives, about the size of a matchbox-measuring about one-third

  • SiS Joins Futuremark BDP

    SiS announced today to become a new member of Futuremark’s Benchmark Development Program (BDP). Proudly being connected with this professional program, SiS dedicates to keep providing high-quality products with unbiased, objective, and fair performance results. 3DMark is one of Futuremark’s benchmarking software which specifically is for evaluating the latest generation of gaming hardware combining high

  • AOpen i975Xa-YDG Board In Early April

    The long wait is finally over due to some production delay and the AOpen i975Xa-YDG boards will start rolling out in early April. AOpen is now offering a compelling innovative ATX motherboard: the i975Xa-YDG is the latest MoDT motherboard to apply Intel’s Pentium Mobile processor technology to desktop products. By using MoDT technology and the

  • Olympus to offer E-330 in 6 different flavors to sweeten the deal

    CameraTown reports that Olympus will be offering their "Live View" CCD display E-330 Digital SLRs in 6 different packages, from "Pro", to "Traveling Pro", "Nature Pro" and even "Underwater Pro" kits. Being a DSLR, Olympus is doing a rather bold move, since most of the other DSLRs are just sold body alone, or at most

  • Touch Sensitive Panels that enable multiplayer gaming?!

    Fancy playing Warcraft III on a square projection table, not only together with all your "battle mates" but also have play the game – the classic tabletop style? Mitsubishi has just unveiled a new DiamondTouch panel that enables projection to be projected on a special touch sensitive panel that allows gamers to play WCIII head

  • Canon’s EOS 5D vs Nikon D200 – who’ll prevail?

    DigitalCameraInfo has just posted a head grudge match against 2 heavy weight DSLRs in the market. Comparing against the Nikon D200 and the Canon EOS 5D, it might seem unfair right on the start, considering Canon’s 5D is actually a full frame 12.8 megapixel camera, while the D200 is only 10 megapixel. However, precisely because

  • Dell 27″ LCD Confirmed

    DailyTech’s sources at Samsung LCD whispered to them a few weeks ago that Dell will feature a 27″ LCD this fall with a 1920×1200 resolution.

  • Intel Wants Interchangeable Notebook Components

    Intel wants to make laptops more accessible to users and would like to make devices more akin to their desktop counterparts. With the company’s new Interchangeability Initiative, components including the optical drive, LCD screen, battery, power adapter and keyboard would all be upgradeable and can be swapped between notebooks. Hard drives are already for the

  • A Walkabout in SLS (25-3-2006) – Planet NVIDIA’s launch weekend!

    It’s the weekend again and over here at VR-Zone, we return to SLS to bring you the latest product arrivals complete with prices and where you can find them. The last weekend also marks the launch of Planet NVIDIA – look here for more details!

  • Microsoft Delays Office 2007

    Microsoft announced today that along with Windows Vista, the next version of Office — Office 2007 — will also be delayed. Originally slated for release during the holiday season of this year, both Office and Vista are being pushed back to early 2007. According to Microsoft, Office was pushed back to co-launch with Windows Vista.

  • OCZ technology confirms 4GB gaming memory kits for Vista

    Ryan Petersen the cool CEO of OCZ technology, confirmed that the company is preparing to ship 4GB memory kits (2 x 2GB) shortly before Microsoft Vista shows up. Those guys do believe that you will need at least 2GB of memory for the good gaming experience on Vista.

  • Sapphire PC-I7RD400

    Sapphire’s plunge into the motherboard market makes them yet another choice to choose from for hardware enthusiasts. Today, we scrutinise a motherboard from Sapphire that fuses one of the most hyped-up technology of 2005 with some old school DDR RAMs using Intel’s LGA processors to crunch the bits-and-bytes.

  • ABIT Set to Target Overclocking Community

    Abit, a legendary name among overclockers just about three years ago, was nearly destroyed by the dispute with Taiwanese authorities its former owners had, but after a merge with Universal Scientific Industrial (USI), a large maker of computer components for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), the company hopes to get back to the market where quality

  • Seagate Expanding in Singapore, Expanding R&D

    Seagate, the company that introduced full-drive encryption and the first perpendicular notebook drives announced that it is injecting roughly $ 300 million into Singapore. The money will be spent expanding Seagate’s R&D capacity. According to reports, Seagate is planning to add roughly 1500 to 2000 new employees as well as an additional 200 R&D focused

  • New AMD Internal Packaging

    AMD has changed the packaging internals from the green “biodegrable” material to plain white cardboard.

  • ATI Says It Can Do Physics Better Than AGEIA and NVIDIA

    Hot on the heels of NVIDIA announcing its partnership with Havok for GPU-level physics implementations, ATI is saying it too is capable of performing heavy physics computations on its GPUs. There is currently a great deal of focus being placed on how to speed up and implement better physics in games and interestingly AGEIA has