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  • Dell’s new 2407WFP

    Engadget has a scoop about the latest Dell 24 inch monitor showing up on Dell Japan’s site. The new 2407WFP is the successor to the popular 2405WFP, but with added functionally and improvement on the specifications area. The 2407WFP would support HDCP, 1000:1 contast ratio, 6ms response time, a 4 in 1 card reader, and

  • Gigabyte’s new Bluetooth media reciever

    Engadget looked into the FCC’s approval listings, and got wind of Gigabyte’s latest Bluetooth Media Receiver. This product could pump music into your bluetooth enabled headphones,  and could also pipe music into your other stereos in your living room. A pretty nifty product if it’s priced reasonably. "We spied this little GN-BT06T device from Gigabyte

  • Windows Vista to use more memory?

    Microsoft Windows Vista, the next generation flagship Windows software would require 512MB of RAM, according to DailyTech’s report, and 1GB to be optimum. Windows Vista will be incorporating various optimization technologies that would make use of more memory to harvest additional performance out of those extra memory. A Windows caching technique known as Superfetch, which

  • Foxconn leaks Geforce 7900GX2 images and details

    Foxconn’s Dual GeForce 7900GX2 1024MB adaptor sports a 500MHz core clock with 1.2GHz DDR3 memory support. These clocks are lower than the GeForce 7900GTX, which has a 650MHz core clock with 1.5GHz DDR3 memory. For those who are unaware, Foxconn is now a contender in on the video card market.

  • Dual GeForce 7600GT card spotted

    Reports from CeBIT 2006 (english translation) revealed that multi-GPU video cards are gaining momentum. While most SLI configurations use two physical cards, there have been some cards have dual-GPUs integrated onto a single PCB. Gigabyte was first to release its 3D1, which integrated two GeForce 6600GT GPUs but ended up selling poorly. ASUS followed with

  • Creative Warehouse Sale is BACK!

    Creative’s upcoming Warehouse Sale promises a host of unbeatable promotions and products at attractive prices. For those who may have missed the IT Show 2006, the opportunity for great bargains is back again! One of the key highlights at this upcoming sale includes the limited-edition Zen Vision:M in pink color, available at just $ 599.

  • Creative MuVo S200

    Creative today introduced its latest portable MP3 player that is a perfect fit for users with an active lifestyle. The Creative MuVo S200 comes with 1GB of built-in memory and is available at S$ 199.00. An even more affordable 512MB model is priced at just S$ 149.00. Both models are slated for shipment in Singapore

  • Intel Robson Technology For Desktop

    Intel mentioned that Robson will have a version for desktop computers called Snowgrass. The technology is currently in the works and is planned to be released after Robson. Motherboard makers will have designs that contain a slot designed to take a Snowgrass NAND module. Intel’s current Snowgrass specification calls for a modular design, but it

  • AMD Confirms K8L Architecture

    DigiTimes has an interview with Henri Richard revealing plans for new AMD K8L architecture in 2007. Well, if we’re going to be more open about 2007 plans, I think Computex would be a good time to start saying a little more about it since that’s where we are introducing our AM2 new infrastructure. That’s not

  • Intel Adds Dual Core Xeon LV “Sossaman”

    Intel is outfitting server, storage and telecommunications equipment makers with a new ingredient for squeezing more performance out of space– and power–constrained environments. With total dissipated power (TDP) of 31 watts, the new low–voltage Dual–Core Intel Xeon processor is ideal for deployments requiring high compute density and power optimization, including single–height (1U) chassis and blade

  • Samsung 80nm DDR2 DRAM In Mass Production

    Samsung is the first manufacturer in the industry to begin mass producing DDR2 DRAM – 512 Megabit (Mb) – on an 80 nanometer (nm) scale. With 80-nm process technology, Samsung is able to increase its production efficiency by 50 percent over the previous 90-nm process. The production economies of scale afforded by moving to 80-nm

  • Lee Young Ae, Spokeman For LG

    LG announced today that Lee Young Ae, the star of Daejanggeum (English title; A Jewel in the palace), has signed a contract as the company’s face for upcoming marketing campaigns aimed at the Asian market. LG’s integrated marketing campaign for Asia will kick off in January and features both advertising and promotional activities across the

  • Iomega REV Loader 280

    Iomega announced the Iomega® REV® Loader 280, an innovative new desktop autoloader for small business backup and archive duties. Utilizing superior removable technology created by Iomega with standard hard drive components, the Iomega REV® Loader 280 provides access to 280 GB* (560 GB compressed) of storage, managing up to eight removable 35 GB* REV disks

  • MSI Megaplayer 540 – Solar Powered MP3 player

    With much hype about battery life with regards to MP3 players, this new MSI Megaplayer 540 will surely have an edge over them all. Featuring a solar cell battery charger, this player will theoretically never run out of juice if you’re in a sunny area. Comes with a 4GB hard drive, to keep music going

  • Panasonic’s DECT phone with Skype features?!

    The Skype internet telephony protocol had gained quite a large acceptance over the short few years since it’s debut. Now, Panasonic has a new cordless phone, that not only could do your regular landed line telephony, it also had WiFi and supports Skype telephony. Not only that this device doesn’t require a PC or router,

  • 24 monitors, FPS gaming for you sir?

    Engadget has a scoop about a crazy set of systems, hooked to 24 LCD displays, with a total resolution of 10240 x 3072. With this sort of resolution, it requires a set 12 Linux servers running distributed computing software to drive the monster displays. But with this sort of power, it could only do Quake

  • Intel to adopt next gen WiFi and WiMax standards on the next Centrino platform

    Intel is said to be adopting next generation 802.16d (WiMax) standard in the next version of Centrino platforms for notebooks. With 802.11x standards being wildly popular, it is said that the next gen Centrino platform would also support 802.11b/g/n networks ontop of the WiMax standard. With this, we could assume that the notebook would be

  • ULi: On the rebound with it’s new slew of products?

    With NVIDIA acquired ULi, SiS will be the undisputed core logic maker in Taiwan. Although SiS and VIA used to be on the same level years ago, it appears that SiS is on the rebound, introducing a slew of interesting core logics this year. One of the interesting product from SiS would be their 665

  • Innovision Booth at CEBIT 2006

    Innovision put up a very nice booth over at CEBIT 2006 in Hannover, Germany. There, they showcased their wide range of products from MP3 players to TV-tuners card to high performance video cards. The particular point of interest is the new range of motherboards from Inno3D. We have not seen Inno3D motherboards in a long

  • VR-Zone @ IT Show 2006!

    The annual IT Show 2006 is back again! VR-Zone will once again make it’s presence at the show, together with our award winning demo systems on display. These highly overclocked “Gamers Wet Dream” rigs will be placed at Kaira Technologies (#6601), and Ban Leong Technologies (#6311), both Level 6 of the show. Be sure to