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  • AMD FX-62, 5000+ & Live® @ Computex

    AMD will launch their Athlon FX-62 (2.8GHz) and Athlon X2 5000+ (2.6GHz) on June 6th at Computex Taipei. SocketAM2 CPUs will sample by the end of this month and production is scheduled for April 30th while the channel orders will begin on May the 15th. As of Tuesday, June the 6th, you will be able

  • AMD Opteron Price Cut

    200 Models Old Price New Price % Drop 280 1,299 851 34.5% 275 1,051 690 34.4% 270 851 455 46.5% 265 690 316 54.2% 275 HE - 1,051 - 270 HE 1,299 851 34.5% 265 HE 1,051 690 34.4% 260 HE 851 455 46.5% 254 851 690 18.9% 252 690 455 34.1% 250 455 316

  • Futuremark VGMark07

    Futuremark have established an open development program to define and create VGMark07, the OpenVG Benchmark. This new benchmark will provide handheld industry companies developing OpenVG API enabled hardware with objective and accurate cross platform comparisons of OpenVG performance. To reliably gauge the performance of handheld devices running applications that utilize OpenVG API, workloads will be

  • GeForce 7900 GT Card Info

    We have seen the GeForce 7900 GT card already and we can say that the PCB layout is different from the current 7800GT card. The PWM area is slightly different too. The GeForce 7900 GT card comes with 256MB of K4J55323QG-BC14 GDDR3 memories from Samsung which has an effective data rate of 700MHz so a

  • Intel Conroe & Merom CPUs Lineup (Updated)

    Segment H1 2006 H2 2006 Desktop Presler XE (65nm, 2 x 2MB L2, Dual Core, 1066FSB, HT) 965 (3.73GHz) 955 (3.46GHz) Presler (65nm, 2 x 2MB L2, Dual Core, 800FSB) 920 (2.8GHz) 930 (3.0GHz) 940 (3.2GHz) 950 (3.4GHz) 960 (3.6GHz) Conroe XE (65nm, 4MB L2, Dual Core, 1333FSB) E8xxx (3.33GHz) Conroe (65nm, 4MB L2, Dual

  • NVIDIA Quadro NVS 440 For Quad Display

    NVIDIA today announced that the NVIDIA Quadro NVS 440 card, the industry’s highest performing1 four-display professional graphics solution, is now available as a configuration option in the HP xw6200 Workstation and through channel partners worldwide. The NVIDIA Quadro NVS 440 card offers a choice of PCI Express x16 and x1 connectors, which can enable a

  • NVIDIA GoForce 5500 For Handheld

    NVIDIA unveiled the NVIDIA GoForce 5500 handheld graphics processing unit (GPU)—the industry’s first handheld GPU to enable true, fluid digital TV, high-fidelity surround sound, rapid multi-shot photography, and console-class 3D graphics. For many years, these capabilities have been the domain of function-specific devices such as the home entertainment system, the digital still camera, or the

  • Intel Price Cuts For Dual Core

    Model Clock Speed Current Price New Price (Apr 23) New Price (Q3) 960 3.6GHz - 530 316 950 3.4GHz 637 316 241 940 3.2GHz 423 241 209 930 3.0GHz 316 209 - 920 2.8GHz 241 209 178

  • Super Talent PC2-6400 Low Latency DDR2

    Super Talent today announced a new 800 Megahertz, 2 Gigabyte DDR2 memory kit. Super Talents new T800UX2GC4 is a matched pair of 1GB PC2-6400 Low Latency DDR2 modules. Super Talent engineers, after exhaustive testing, developed these modules from carefully screened components to deliver unmatched performance. This kit has been tested extensively in Super Talents engineering

  • Corsair 667MHz DDR2 SO-DIMM

    Corsair today launched ValueSelect™ 667MHz DDR2 SO-DIMM memory to support the latest Intel® mobile technology. Available immediately in 512MB and 1GB modules, Corsair’s new DDR2 SO-DIMM is ready to turbo-charge the new Centrino® Core™ Duo and Core Solo based notebooks. Based on carefully selected component and individually tested at its rated speed, the new 667MHz

  • New Intel D975XBX Board Supports Conroe

    Intel has a new revision of their D975XBX desktop board currently under sampling that will support the upcoming Conroe processors. The current D975XBX boards out in the market with revision -202 will not be able to support Conroe even with a BIOS update. The new revision D975XBX rev. -301 board will do just fine with

  • GeForce 7600 Die Shot

    For those who are interested how the die of the GeForce 7600 looks like. Note that this is just a non-working core but it will give you an idea of the die size on 90nm.

  • GeForce 7600 GT/GS Card Pics

    7600GS 7600GT has some pics on the GeForce 7600 GT and GS cards slated for launch in mid March. GeForce 7600 GS has 8 pipelines and 3VS and is clocked at 500MHz core and 1GHz memory while the 7600GT has 12 pipelines and 5 VS clocked at 500/1000MHz too. A preliminary testing done by

  • ATi Xpress 3200 Crossfire On March 2nd

    ATi will announce the next Crossfire platform on 2nd of March based on the upcoming RD580 chipset. The official name will be ATi Radeon Xpress 3200 Crossfire when the time comes. It will support 16-bit 1GHz Hyper-Transport, 36 PCI-E lanes that is able to deliver two full x16 bandwidth for the Crossfire platform. Xpress 3200

  • SiS Chipsets For AMD Socket AM2

    SiS releases of a full line of chipsets to support the latest AMD socket AM2 processors. These latest chipsets for AMD Socket AM2 covers the full spectrum of desktop and mobile platforms, with two new chipsets for desktop platform: SiS756 and SiS761GX; and four for mobile solution: SiS756, SiSM760, SiSM761GX and SiSM760GX. The AMD socket

  • DFI RS482 Infinity

    Looking for a simple and affordable all in one solution to a home entertainment PC system? Well the growing trend for appetite such as this is towards the IGP mainboards. On this platform, consumers save on the cost of getting a graphics card that can perform TV-out with HDTV capabilities. Based on the rather new

  • AMD Rev. F Opteron In Mid 2006

      Opteron 854 (Rev E) Rev. F Opteron Opteron 875 Rev. F Opteron No. of Cores 1 1 2 2 Die Size 106mm2 126mm2 194mm2 220mm2 L2 Cache Size 41.4mm2 38.7mm2 82.8mm2 77.4mm2 Transistors 120M 129M 233M 243M Memory Frequency DDR-400 DDR2-800 DDR-400 DDR2-800 Memory Bandwidth 6.4GB/s 12.8GB/s 6.4GB/s 12.8GB/s Core Frequency 2.8GHz ? 2.2GHz

  • ATi RS485 Chipset Info

    ATi RS485 IGP chipset is slated for release in Q2 2006 and will be officially known as Radeon Xpress 300. This chipset will be supporting the upcoming AMD Socket M2 processors but the integrated graphics core will still be X300 but no HyperMemory. However the core clock will be higher. It will be paired up

  • Intel To Demo Quad Core Clovertown

    Intel is going to show off functional quad-core Clovertown on Friday at an analyst meeting. Since the final silicon is more or less two Woodcrests on an MCM, speed and stability should be pretty good for a chip that isn’t due out for another 12 months. AMD has shown four ways as early as last

  • Intel Xeon MP Tulsa Info

    ▪ 65nm ▪ 435mm2 die size ▪ 1.328B transistors ▪ Dual Core, 4 threads ▪ 2 x 1MB L2, 16MB shared L3 cache ▪ 1.25V / 150W TDP ▪ 667/800MHz 3-load FSB ▪ Support for VT, DBS & Pellston ▪ Part of Truland Platform ▪ See also Tulsa Wafer