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  • AMD To Demo Quad Core In June

    AMD says that quad-core processors will only be compatible with Socket-F platforms. While Socket-F (1207 contact pads) does support single-core and dual-core processors, it will be the only "current" socket to support quad-core. AMD clarifies that it meant no user who uses a Socket-F platform with a single-core or dual-core processor will have to change

  • Albatron GeForce 7300 GS

    Albatron has announced the GeForce 7300 GS series, PCI-Express VGA cards expected to make significant waves in the market for their excellent performance ratings and very attractive prices. Albatron’s 7300 GS series includes cards with 64 MB, 128 MB all the way up to 256 MB of on-board memory which is double the memory suggested

  • GeForce 7600 Series Slated For March Launch

    We heard that GeForce 7600 GT is 12 pipes and is now at A2 revision. There is another version called the GeForce 7600 GS which is probably 8 pipes similar to the mobile offering. GeForce Go 7600 runs at 450MHz core and 1GHz for memory so we can expect higher clocks for the desktop series.

  • 975X Boards Not Ready For Conroe Yet

    We tested some of the 975X boards out there but none can support Conroe so far and not even a BIOS update can fix it. Apparently there are some hardware modifications that need to be done to the board before Conroe can run on it. That means there will be new revisions of 975X boards

  • Xbox 360 Pricing & Launch Date For Singapore

    Microsoft today announced the Singapore retail price for the Xbox 360™. The next generation video game and entertainment system from Microsoft Corp will start from SG$ 535 and will be available on retail shelves from 16 March, 2006. Two versions of the console will go on sale in Singapore from 16 March, 2006 priced at

  • Intel Formed Itanium Solutions Alliance

    Senior executives from the Itanium® industry met today in San Francisco to lay out a united strategy for Itanium® solution delivery with a goal of mission critical computing market segment leadership by the end of the decade. To take advantage of the growing momentum in enterprise and technical computing environments for Itanium® solution deployments, industry

  • ATi & NVIDIA Mobile GPUs Roadmap

       Market Segment Q1 2006 Q2 2006 H2 2006 ATi High End Mobility Radeon X1800 (M58) Mobility Radeon X1900 (M68) M78 Mainstream Mobility Radeon X1600 (M56) M76 Value Mobility Radeon X1400 (M54) Mobility Radeon X1300 (M52) M72 NVIDIA High End GeForce Go 7800 GTX (G70M) GeForce Go 7800 (G70M) G71M G80M Mainstream GeForce Go 7600

  • Conroe Comes In 2MB & 4MB Configs

    Intel Conroe will be available in 2 versions; 2MB and 4MB shared L2 cache and will be LGA775 based. Most probably the 4MB Conroe will be the Pentium Extreme Edition series while 2MB Conroe will be Pentium D series and the Celeron D will be occupied by Cedarmill. Conroe will have 14 pipeline stages and

  • Intel 965 Chipsets Slated For Q2 Launch

    Intel will be releasing 965 chipsets codenamed Broadwater in Q2 and there are mainly two versions; P965 and G965. Both chipsets will be supporting the next generation Conroe processors, 1066MHz FSB and Dual Channel DDR2-800. Of course G965 will come integrated with the next generation Intel GMA graphics with dual independent display but there will

  • Palm’s Valentine’s Day Promotion

    Good news for those who want to celebrate Valentine’s Day in style. Palm® today announced its Valentine’s Day “one-for-one promotion” where customers who purchase either the TreoTM 650 Smartphone Special Blue Edition or the silver edition will be able to redeem* a ZireTM 31 handheld (worth S$ 248) for free! Whether your loved one gets

  • Compro VideoMate U900 TV Tuner

    Compro VideoMate U900 is the world’s smallest full functions USB 2.0 TV Box. Built-in the advanced high-quality silicon tuner, it’s smaller than a credit card, provides the powerful features with TV watching, MPEG-1/2/4 formats scheduled recording, timeshifting, channel surfing, still frame capture, S-Video, composite video and stereo audio capturing, remote control and supports universal TV

  • AMD CPU Market Share Grew Over 20%

    AMD now accounts for 21.4 percent of all desktop, notebook and server processors using the x86 instruction set that were shipped during the fourth quarter. The chipmaker’s share grew from 17.7 percent in the third quarter, on strong gains in all three of those segments. Surging shipments of Opteron server processors have been one of

  • Super Talent 2GB DDR Kits

    Super Talent Technology today announced two new ultra high performance DDR memory kits. Both kits consist of a pair of 1GB DDR memory modules. X40PB2GC3 is a kit of two 1GB PC4000 CAS-3 modules. This kit supports ultra fast 500MHz clock speeds at standard latencies. X32PB2GC2 is a kit of two 1GB PC3200 CAS-2 modules.

  • Intel Produced 45nm Chips

    Intel today announced it has become the first company to reach an important milestone in the development of 45 nanometer (nm) logic technology. Intel has produced what are believed to be the first fully functional SRAM (Static Random Access Memory) chips using 45nm process technology, its next– generation, high–volume semiconductor manufacturing process. Achieving this milestone

  • Adobe Production Studio Unveiled

    Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) today unveiled Adobe® Production Studio, an extension of the Adobe Creative Suite family of products. The most complete post-production software solution available today, Adobe Production Studio combines full new versions of Adobe’s world class video and graphics applications—Adobe After Effects® 7.0, Adobe Premiere Pro® 2.0, Adobe Audition® 2.0, Adobe Encore® 2.0

  • Kingmax microSD Cards

    Kingmax is one of the world’s only memory manufacturers that possess IC packaging facilities, and Kingmax is also the world’s leading manufacturer of PIP packaged memory products. When used with very small surface area memory cards, PIP packaging provides incomparable performance and value. In addition to water and dust resistance (as well as heat and

  • Palm Added Gmail Support For Treo 650

    Palm, Inc. is delivering a software update for the award-winning Treo 650 smartphones as part of its continuous effort to give customers the best possible experience. The update features performance and reliability enhancements, as well as new functionality for the Treo 650. The Treo 650 Updater 1.20 is available now, and includes numerous enhancements to

  • ABIT Merged w/ USI

    ABIT today announced a definitive agreement to enter a long-term strategic partnership with Universal Scientific Industrial Co., Ltd. (USI), leading global company in the DMS industry. USI is recognized as the strategic DMS partner for global brands in the 4C (Computing, Communications, Consumer Electronics and Car Electronics) industries. Integrating its core technologies of Computing, Wireless

  • AMD CPUs Price Cut

    Family Model Old Price New Price % Drop Athlon 64 X2 4800+ 803 643 19.9% 4600+ 643 556 13.5% 4400+ 507 467 7.9% 4200+ 408 362 11.3% 3800+ 328 301 8.2% Turion 64 Model ML-44 525 354 32.6% Model ML-42 354 263 25.7% Model ML-40 263 220 16.3% Model ML-37 220 184 16.4% Model ML-34

  • Chaintech SE73GS-G2

    Walton Chaintech announced its newest GeForce 7 Series Graphics Cards, SE73GS-G2, which utilize the nVIDIA® GeForce 7300GS graphics processing unit. Walton Chaintech’s SE73GS-G2 utilizes nVIDIA® GeForce 7300GS GPU and 128MB/256MB 64 bit DDR II SDRAM which can provide 550MHz engine clock, 810MHz memory clock and 6.5GB/Sec memory bandwidth. SE73GS-G2 supports VGA out, DVI-I and HDTV-out;fulfills