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  • HIS Develops Dual RV530 Single Slot Solution

    HIS has been developing a unique dual GPU, single PCB graphics accelerator sporting two ATi RV530 chipsets. Increased bandwidth is available to the two GPUs thanks to the use of a PLX bridge chip.

  • 80nm ATi Development

    Gecube has recently released their product roadmap that outlines new ATi 80nm based products. The new 80nm RV560 and RV570 are still designed with 12 Pixel Shader Processor, similar to RV530 Crossfire except they have build-in Compositing Engine. The final specification of RV560/RV570 is perhaps a mystery till its release in this summer.

  • Tri-gate Transistors To Lower Leakage Current

    Intel has introduced a new technique of shaping transistors on die to reduce leakage current even on smaller upcoming processes.

  • Single Core Intel CPUs to Gain D0 Stepping

    D0 Stepping will be introduced to both Pentium D and Celeron. As 65nm process is now in mature, the specification is upgraded from FMB 05A to FMB06, with 65W TDP as a maximum. Since most of the Intel based main board follows the FMB 05B specification, there is no necessary change to the design.

  • AMD Cuts CPU Price By Up To 50%

    AMD decided to drop their prices on 24th July, the day after Intel’s price-cut on Netburst CPUs. Intel would announce their new architecture dual core processor “Conroe” on 23rd July. On the same day, the old Netburst based Pentium D CPUs will drop price by 40% to 60%. Manufacturers are deeply concerned about the ratio

  • Intel To Reduce Pentium D TDP To 95W

    Pentium D will gain 95W TDP from September this year. Besides the lower TDP, some defects will be rectified. Intel Pentium D 960, 950, 945, 925 and 915 will be released in D0 Stepping. Pentium D 940, 930 and 920 are excluded from these improvements.

  • Join The First Overclocking LAN Party On ICE!!!

    VR-Zone, together with our sponsors ATi, Gigabyte, Kingston, PowerColor, Intel, Planex, CoolerMaster, SeaGate And Toshiba brings to you the First Overclocking LAN Party on ICE!! For this 3 Days 2 Nights LAN Party, there will be an exciting Overclocking Competition on the First Day and many many fun competitions and activities throughout the continous 72

  • SilverStone ST75ZF @ 950w Continious

    750 Watt at 50°C & 90V AC Input – This is the industrial standard in which the operating temperatures are expected to be in the high 40°C and up to 50°C. In addition to temperature, power supplies becomes more efficient as the AC input voltage increase, as a reference, the power outlet in USA is

  • Gigabyte GA-965P-DQ6

    We picked up the GA-965P-DQ6 from Gigabyte and we put it through the tests and see what it is capable of.

  • Post Computex Girls!

    VR-Zone brings you a round up of the girls we’ve spotted at Computex 06.

  • Gadgets @ Computex

    We bring you coverage on the latest gadgets displayed at Computex 2006!

  • NVIDIA to offer triple PCIE Slot GPU/Physics Platform as well

    We have heard that NVIDIA will also come out with their triple PCI Express GPU + Physics platform, similar to what ATi demoed in Computex. The platform will offer 2 x16 PCIE and 1 x8 PCIE capability, running off 2 NVIDIA MCPs. The x8 PCIE can be used to run an NVIDIA Graphics Card to

  • Intel Bearlake Chipset To Support DDR3

    We already knew that the Bearlake chipset can support the faster 1333MHz FSB and the future Core processors such as Kentsfield and Wolfdale. Bearlake series chipsets come in 3 different forms; P, Q and G and will be paired up with ICH9 series such as ICH9, ICH9R, ICHDO & ICHDH. We have learned that Bearlake

  • ATi RS600 IGP Chipset Info

    ATi has a live demo of their RS600 IGP chipset for Intel at Computex which is slated for launch in July and ECS is among the first board manufacturer to come out with the design. We have learned that RS600 supports AVIVO and HDCP as well as HDMI. Interestingly, the northbridge now handles the HD

  • Computex Special : ATi RV570 & RV560 w/ Crossfire Bridges

    VR-Zone check out the upcoming ATi 80nm GPU offerings which is none other than the RV560 and RV570 slated to launch in Q3 this year. Interestingly, ATi has also revealed the new Crossfire bridges which is very similar to NVIDIA SLI bridge concept.

  • Cross Cultural Overclocking @ DFI Computex

    It is a very very rare opportunity for 4 overclockers from all over the globe to be able to gather together and overclock together. This year at Computex 2006, we did just that over at DFI Booth…

  • Computex Updates: Motherboards and Graphics Brands

    Up and coming products from Abit, Asus, DFI, GIgabyte and more!!

  • Computex Special : ATi Physics Technology

    ATI has a running system with 3 X1900XTX cards running with 2 running in Crossfire mode and one doing the physics calculations in one of the private rooms and there are several Havok FX demos installed to show the power of physics calculations on ATi cards. VR-Zone has the opportunity to talk to the VP

  • Intel 965 Express Chipset Launch @ Computex

    VR-Zone brings you some Intel 965 express chipset geek feeds from the 84th floor of Taipei 101.

  • Computex Special : TYAN Most Powerful Personal Supercomputer

    Tyan has announced new Typhoon™ Personal Supercomputer (PSC) embedded with Intel® processor built specifically to answer the budding IT market requirement for High-Performance computing platforms, powerful, portable super computer that is quiet, low heat and designed for use in the office without the need for extra power. The highest configuration comes with 8 Woodcrest LV